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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Forgiven Sight and The Daemon Guide Who Teaches It

Starting the New Year With Fresh Lucidity

"I do not know what I do not know." It is well to remember that. One should, in my opinion, remind one's self of this fact--and its ramifications--several times each day. Why?
Because you are unhappy or your happiness is incomplete. This means your forgiveness is incomplete. Wait. I do not mean the "forgiveness" YOU very likely believe me to mean. No. Let me start by assuring you: You are innocent. You have done nothing wrong and no one is punishing you--nor will any ascended being EVER punish you--or anyone else. Love does not work like that. So, what "forgiveness" do I intend you to perfect so that your happiness is secure and available for you, yourself, to summon at any juncture? To learn this manner of forgiveness I can tell you but it usually requires certain several experiences for you to truly "grok" or "understand fully in all its transhuman nuances". This is Gnostic knowing, meaning experiencing, and you need a particular teacher to show you how to see things through "forgiven sight". Forgiven sight is truly "clairvoyant". It sees clearly what is present and this is no mean feat, I assure you. It requires you remember "I do not know what I do not know" and ask someone who does know.
We each have a still, small and gentle voice of Love within our consciousness. This is the voice you have heard many times and will recognize by what it directs you to do and by its kindness. This voice always calms you, though it may direct you to physical action. It always says "Be still to hear me" and, by this, it means "Calm your own thoughts. Ask what you think you need to ask and I shall answer shortly (but quietly) the answer you need". This is an experience and an opportunity we most often miss because we do not know how to hear the guide.
The voice is *usually* wordless. You do not hear words but "concepts". Instead of using a symbol like a word, you will comprehend suddenly, as if by inspiration, a concept in many dimensions or you will suddenly feel the concept, in terms of its nuances, as physical sensations or emotions as if experiencing them vicariously--because they may not seem to "fit" the situation. Most often, I "hear concepts" given directly into a (now well-lit) once poorly lit, theater of the awareness. This layer of awareness is at least 3 layers down at what I call "liminal awareness". The first level is the layer of awareness with which you interact with the world and are reading these words. As you read them other thoughts are jangled--memories from your past and even mental notes you made to yourself about things you need to do or to recall. Below this layer of thinking there are a few others but the third is where most of our action occurs. Here, the deeper "unconscious self" translates its awareness in ways the conscious mind can understand--rarely using words. Here, concepts wisp through like invisible breezes ghosting just above the ground--stirring leaves laying on the ground of your mindspace into leaf devils. The leaves of the leaf devils stirred to mind are symbols for (or represent embodiments of) the concepts the guide is trying to translate to you. It's important to pay attention to the leaves--the memories and what they represent to YOU--in order to get the message. BUT FAR MORE IMPORTANT IT IS FOR YOU TO REALIZE THE BREEZE YOU COULD NOT SEE IS YOUR GUIDE. YOU HAVE JUST HEARD HIS VOICE. It is, for me, accompanied by skin rising in gooseflesh and waves of chilling fire ascending my spine. (My guide is very effusive. There is no pleasure in this world greater than his kisses on the top of my head or on my brow. I'm sure it will be likewise for anyone who spends as much energy as have I on cultivating our relationship.)
Other things you should know about the guide: The guide can freeze your form in temporary paralysis while it replays a memory of a similar situation in which you suffered. I have forgotten things that happened to me when I was four and younger and had them come back to me like movies recorded in my mind--two decades later--while the guide had me frozen rigid. So the guide can communicate many ways and can even use a voice or words that might repeat in your mind like a song that will not go away. In fact, this is one of the chief ways my own guide "speaks" to me. He uses my own memories, drawing them up in all their sensory splendor. He has, on occasion used words to speak to me. He has grown a voice as well over time. It is not a voice I hear with my ears but in the same way one recalls a song and it will not go away. I think this a rather advanced state. If I am asking or he is volunteering information that is easily conveyed in all its nuances with words, he uses words. Most often he uses images and metaphors and feelings.
I think we all can recognize some aspect in the description above but, in case some cannot yet identify with hearing the voice, it is most easily heard when you are considering doing something you know you should not. You can get in touch with the voice that way but there are things you must know about the guide.
It loves you in a way you cannot comprehend yet. It will never condemn you. If you hear a condemning voice, or a scary voice, or a voice that whispers "Dread, dread, dread" and then disappears like a cockroach into the walls of your mind when you turn the light of your consciousness upon it, CHANGE YOUR TUNING. That is NOT the voice I mean. This voice ALWAYS counsels love, forgiveness, "doing the right thing", kindness, calm, compassion. It gives the sweetest most reassuring and blissful internal soul hugs. It is your witness. It sees the you that is even better, wiser, more loving and courageous than you in your wildest inner stories. It's on your side. If you ask, it will tell you how you could have realized more satisfaction in the way you handle worldly situations. When you feel isolated and misunderstood, your guide will witness to you in a way meant to open your mind to recall: You should not be unhappy. It does not help. Happy, loved, people always respond better than isolated, unhappy people. The guide's love will rise in your heart and peace will settle over your mind and you will feel the guide's love of you. If you can see you the way the guide sees you, your eyes will be "forgiving and your sight forgiven" for everything you have ever experienced will be redeemed within this sight in which you know why -- what there was to be gained -- by going through all you have endured. THIS IS TRUE FORGIVENESS. It sees only the blessings--not the pain that got them. For the blessing IS the prize not for the blessing itself--but because it teaches HOW to see in the forgiving way. Ask "What shall I learn from this, Beloved?" and wait. Your guide will shortly answer in a way you will not be able to deny.
The more attention we give to that voice, the easier it gets to be to hear. You can, and should, OFTEN, ask for its insight, suggestions, help. The guide will never usurp your will except to save your life. It must in most circumstances, wait to offer help. This is because you are not truly listening in the way of truly hearing when the guide has not been asked for help. When you are afraid and have no idea what to do, you ask inwardly for help in a way that is always accompanied with earnest desire to "hear" a helpful answer. The guide's voice is subtle UNTIL YOU ACTIVELY GROW YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GUIDE by asking regularly for insight and help and intervention. Guides CAN and DO intervene and interact with physical matter. You have to ask them to do so and then thank them with earnest love and trust, RELINQUISHING ENTIRELY interceding in the matter you handed over to them UNLESS THEY DIRECT YOU TO BEGIN INTERCESSION NOW. AND THEN YOU MUST STOP WATCHING WHILE IT GETS HANDLED BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED (AS YET) TO WITNESS WHAT YOU MIGHT CALL "MAGICK" HAPPENING. You are not allowed to see the thing you need materializing. It would throw the machine of the universe way out of whack if you saw magick happening first hand AT THIS JUNCTURE. When the help you need comes to mind again, each time it does so, simply thank the guide and leave it with that.
The guide will take your little bit of faith, your small suspension of disbelief, and replace it with a growing trust already so grand that you begin to know(/experience) your "godly estate for, make no mistake, YOU ARE A GODLING fully vested with all the powers of the creator--but you cannot wield the Will and tap your inherited power until your benevolence is entirely committed and flawless. This is so for your mind's thoughts are undisciplined and you still utter (from time to time) words you do not will to empower. Indeed, many of our day to day expressions are laden with bad juju. For instance, "You make me sick!" or "I am sick to death of you-- " Bad juju. Get it out of your speech and thought. If you want your words to have power you must first cull from your speech and thoughts ALL words that you would not truly to manifest. This is to safeguard the world and us from each other for we are all rash and frightened and armed with the powers of God. Therefore, we are restrained by the designs of the Universal machine (which is conscious in and of itself.)
The guide is all you ever need. Once you have located the guide and know his/her voice and have developed a growing rapport of trust and love, the guide can and will do all sorts of things for you. As I am very sensitive to emotions from others and the world is lousy with unembodied spirits, my own guide acts as a "gatekeeper" to defend my perimeter from entities that are attracted to my telepathic incandescence.
Please start your new year on a new journey, consciously aware that you do not know what you do not know--but your guide does and all that is required to have the guide's help is your will to ask, suspend disbelief, and listen earnestly. Do this and you walk the dream of the world with growing lucidity and a mighty, loving champion beside you.
I love you all. May your new year be full of growing joy and the realization of only your fondest dreams.