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The Case for “Treason”

The definition of “treason” in these United States is as follows: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason…

Enemies of these United States occur on three levels:

(1) Individual persons of US citizenship or of other nationalities who attempt to attack the nation politically, economically or physically, and those who attempt to further such attacks, with or without promise of quid pro quo from the aggressor, making such furtherance efforts for their own ends. This behavior was demonstrated by Trump’s campaign team members (Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner) when they went with Donald Trump Jr. to meet, in secret with a Russian Lawyer who claimed to have information from the Russian Government, which was damaging to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, which she was helping the Russian Government supply to them. That this was an act of aggression against our country was known and understood to be an attempt to conspiratorially gain information and use it wrongfully is demonstrated by the fact that it was not disclosed when security clearance documents were submitted. Any attempt to conceal such meetings is prima facie evidence that the actor knew it was illegal and damaging to the country’s fair electoral process.
Donald Trump Sr., Kellyanne Conway, Paul Manafort, Michael Pence, Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn all denied repeatedly that there had been “any contact at all”, “any interests or loans, or any relationship or meetings, with officials or surrogates of the Russian government. These denials obviously and incontrovertibly demonstrate knowledge that all such meetings, involvements and/or obligations were corrupt and illegal and that their discovery would result in the damaging of the confidence of the United States’ citizens in the electoral process, depriving them of a fair election and result in the charge of treason.

(2) Organizations of individuals of any nationality, US citizens or otherwise, combining their assets and abilities in collusion or “conspiracy” to attack these United States while they are citizens or guests of the United States, in a secretive manner demonstrating awareness that what they are doing, or attempting to do, or aligning mutually to accomplish, is corrupt and illegal are guilty of conspiracy to commit treason.

Activities such as long or short term efforts to disrupt the fair and equitable election of officials chosen by the people, to cause, for their own financial gain, the removal of laws that protect the environment and the people from loss of rights and fair use of the resources of this country, is an attack upon the equitable opportunities of the people, the best interests of the people, the environment and the country and, as it is an attack upon constitutionally guaranteed equality, it is treason. This behavior has been demonstrated by Koch Brothers, Robert and Rebekah Mercer and all creators of nonprofit front groups through which said individuals might pass funds directly to, or to the campaign funds of, any government official or candidate. Such creation of “nonprofit front groups” to affect the secretive transmission of what are essentially bribes to elected or appointed governmental officials is clearly an attempt to thwart and circumvent discovery of who such donors are. This is prima facie evidence of knowledge that such behavior is treasonous usurpation of the fair and equitable enjoyment of an unbiased governance of our country and of our country’s resources.

(3) Lastly, but not comprehensively, foreign countries, powers or their leaders who collude or “conspire” to attack these United States: This sort of behavior is demonstrated by Russian hackers breaking into national and state voter information databases, attempts, successful or otherwise, to manipulate votes, cull voters methodically from the voter rolls, to break into the computer systems of the DNC, to sway public perception of candidates, or to destroy voter faith in the electoral process, are all obvious attacks upon our country and people that any reasonable and prudent person would know was wrong, as demonstrated by attempts to keep their participation in such attacks secret. These acts constitute conspiracies to commit treason.


(1) An “Attack” against our country can come in many forms. A demonstrated “effort” or “attempt”, successful or otherwise, to overthrow the leadership of our country, justly installed by the voting public in a fair and untampered election of these United States, is an attack. All that must be demonstrated is intention coupled with actions which would lead a prudent person to believe an attempt to make the intent come to pass, has occurred.

Attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts is prima facie evidence that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and demonstrates a will or willingness to commit treason.

(2) An attempt, successful or otherwise, to control infrastructure necessary to the country’s vital functioning, depriving citizens and/or governments the basic needs of day to day life and conduct of business, or of the citizenry’s rights, is an attack. An example is hacking into the power grid or, more specifically, into the computer based regulation of the nuclear power plants of this country which is a clear, real and present, threat to do massive nationwide harm and should be rebutted in the strongest possible way that will deter while yet avoiding direct violent conflict (ie. War.)

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with such attacks and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts demonstrates by said concealment or nondisclosure that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.

(3) An attempt to disrupt the people from engaging in their rights to secure freely leadership for which they may vote is an attack. Attacking by way of hacking into voter databases, campaign headquarters computers, voting records, or national party convention computer systems is such an attack and should be rebutted in the strongest possible way that will deter while yet avoiding direct violent conflict (ei. War.)

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with such attacks and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts demonstrates by said concealment or nondisclosure that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.

(4) An attempt to disrupt, undermine or otherwise discredit and/or destroy confidence in free and fair elections is an attack and should be rebutted in the strongest possible way that will deter while yet avoiding direct violent conflict. (ie. War.)

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with such attacks and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts demonstrates by said concealment or nondisclosure that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.

(5) The attempt to sway unfairly the results of a free and fair election is an attack and should be rebutted in the strongest possible way that will deter while yet avoiding direct violent conflict. (ie. War.)

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with such attacks and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts demonstrates by said concealment or nondisclosure that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.

(6) Breaking or “hacking” into, or attempting to break or hack into, secured computer systems regulating the reliable daily use, or safe use, of any infrastructure vital to trade, traffic control, air traffic control, severe hazard public alert systems, commerce and free movement, or disruptive of access to safe food and water supplies is an attack and should be rebutted in the strongest possible way that will deter while yet avoiding direct violent conflict. (ie. War.)

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with such attacks and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts demonstrates by said concealment or nondisclosure that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.

(7) An attempt, successful or otherwise, to infiltrate the government agencies with operatives who work together to impede, thwart or stop the legal access of citizens to their daily personal, professional or commercial needs, or the exercise of their rights, is an attack and should be rebutted in the strongest possible way that will deter while yet avoiding direct violent conflict. (ie. War.)

Any citizen of these United States who attempts to aid or capitalize upon by using prior knowledge of such an impending attack, thus making them have a vested interest in such attack’s success and does not report the impending attack to appropriate authorities in order to thwart such attack is guilty of treason.

(8) Any attempt to seize voter registration and voter history data from states, counties or cities, is an attempt to threaten, suppress or intimidate voters from exercising freely and with surety of safety and immunity the exercise of their constitutionally protected rights to vote their conscience—undermines our democracy—and is, therefore, treason.

The Case for “Collusion” and/or “Conspiracy” to Commit Treason
And to Obstruct Justice and Impede Inquiry

The definition of “Conspiracy” is:

(a) A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful as in “a conspiracy to destroy the government”. Synonyms: plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge.

(b) The action of plotting or conspiring as in “conspiracy to pervert the course of justice” or “conspiracy to distort the results of an official election.” Synonyms: plotting, collusion, intrigue, connivance, machination, collaboration.

The definition of “Collusion” is:

(a) The secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.

(b) Illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit or in a political election.

Inasmuch as Jeff Sessions perjured himself by attempting to keep secret his own many meetings, as a surrogate of presidential candidate Donald Trump, with Russian officials, this is prima facie evidence that Jeff Sessions knew it was illegal and damaging to the country’s fair electoral process.

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with such attacks and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts demonstrates by said concealment or nondisclosure that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.


Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with attacks upon our nation, its boundaries, its physical installations, its accoutrements of administration, its infrastructure, environment or electoral process—and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts—demonstrates, by said concealment or nondisclosure, that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has therefore demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.


(A) Lies about meetings with an attacking, historically adversarial nation or their surrogates, lies about loans or investors attached to, or known to be, surrogates of an historically adversarial nation or their surrogates.

(B) Pursuits of favors that will self-enrich, such as trademark approvals – Ivanka Trump – from an historically adversarial nation or their surrogates, creating the semblance of, or witnessing to, a relationship of mutual assistance or quid pro quo.

(C) Attempts to hide involvement and meetings with an historically adversarial nation or their surrogates.

(D) Attempts to thwart investigation such as: intimidation of a witness: (“James Comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations before he goes leaking”: President Trump)

(E) Attempts to dissuade an investigator, or isolating a witness or investigator by dismissing potential witnesses to create privacy in which to plead with, intimidate, argue or press inappropriately an investigator or witness; Firing such an investigator and then being heard saying to Russian diplomats: “I suffered great pressure because of Russia but that’s over since I fired that nut job Comey.”

(F) Informing an individual or parties being investigated about the ramifications of the results of such investigation in private, except in the case of lawyer-client relationship. An example of this is Devin Nunes’ secret backdoor entry to the White House to advise President Trump of details discovered during the investigation which he, Devin Nunes, was chairing.

(G) Creating, through dereliction of duty and nonfeasance, an atmosphere of condoning malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance of one’s duty and oath to defend and protect the constitution from all threats, foreign and domestic. An example is the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, not taking action to prosecute Devin Nunes for his obvious and wanton interference of further discovery and then Paul Ryan’s suspension of the House inquiry altogether. A further example if Paul Ryan’s nonfeasance of duty to move to impeach President Trump based on Trump’s obvious undermining of the rights of citizens protected by the constitution, the violation of emoluments clauses, and the attempt to undermine the constitutional provision of separation of church and state.

This condoning, despite public outcry, demonstrates a wide reaching level of corruption in the Republican House and Senate which has created an atmosphere in which the President and his family have engaged in overt and obvious violations of the Constitution without fear of consequence—leading to increasing despotism in this administration and a loss of the public faith in the Republican Congress’ fair and legal governance.

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with such attacks is complicit and has demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.

(H) The sudden, unexplained, death of the republican operative Peter W. Smith who solicited actively Russian hackers and hackers of other nationalities to provide, by way of illegal hacking attacks, “dirt” which he professed openly acquiring to use to help (specifically) Michael Flynn, Kellyanne Conway and Jared Kushner to damage the campaign of Hillary Clinton and sway the election illegally to Donald J Trump Sr.. The fact that there has been no autopsy and no inquiry into the sudden death of this operative right after he spoke with the Wall Street Journal divulging his part as an operative in the Trump campaign is an indication of widespread corruption encouraging the undermining of our constitution and democracy which is treasonous nonfeasance.

(I) Trump’s eagerness to restore to the Russians – despite their obvious involvement in hackings of a variety of the country’s vital and sensitive infrastructure and political databases – their compounds in the US. The fact that Trump has demonstrated a wide web of Russian contacts, involvements, Russian customers who bought Trump properties at wildly inflated prices over and above the asking price—indicating the potential of an involvement with money laundering for the Russian oligarchs. Paul Manafort’s initially undisclosed work as an intermediary for Russia. Jared Kushner’s undisclosed activities in meetings with Russian operatives, Jeff Session’s many undisclosed activities in meetings with Russian operatives. Steve Bannon’s deep and direct involvement with white supremacist groups and the publication “Breitbart News”, his unpublicized involvement with Cambridge Analytica, owned by subversive conspirators Robert and Rebekah Mercer, and Steve Bannon’s overt admission that all of Trump’s appointed cabinet members were emplaced specifically to destroy and disassemble the infrastructure of the government’s administrative agencies to protect the environment and the public from the corporatist mob in these United States. Examples of Corporatist Mob Conspirators to attack our democracy include: The Koch Brothers, Rothschilds, Murdoch; the banking elites who caused the 2008 crash and extorted money from taxpayer funds to remonetize their banks—funds which they then used, not to make loans to get the economy going again, but to pay their agents huge bonuses; Robert and Rebekah Mercer.

Direct Evidence:

All the meetings, between Trump cabinet members and campaign surrogates, which had been undisclosed and were only admitted to once they were discovered—not by House inquiry—but by the FBI and CIA and special investigator Robert Mueller. These clandestine meetings were concealed because the actors involved in them knew that said meetings with agents of a government with an historically adversarial relationship with the United States were undertaken to illegally and corruptly affect the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. They are therefore treason.

Reasonable Expectation:

All hidden or undisclosed meetings and/or involvement of cooperation, knowingly allowing, or coordination of an attack against our nation by a country with an historically adversarial relationship with the United States must be deemed to be evidence that said collusion would be corrupt and illegal, resulting in harm to the country and the citizens at large and to our government.

Any citizen who knowingly allows or cooperates with attacks upon our nation, its boundaries, its physical installations, its accoutrements of administration, its infrastructure, environment or electoral process—and attempts to conceal one’s part in such efforts—demonstrates, by said concealment or nondisclosure, that the involved person(s) knew their behavior was corrupt and illegal and has therefore demonstrated a will or willingness to commit treason.

Attacks upon the Constitution:

Emoluments: The Trump administration has, from its outset, involved itself illegally and in a way destructive to the country, in the acceptance, and encouragement, of funneling gifts, favors and funds directly into his private and family wealth through a variety of channels. Nepotism also encourages more of this same behavior by placing family members in taxpayer paid positions as his advisors and liaisons. Moving international meetings from secured government venues – at the tax payers’ expense to provide massive security – to Trump’s privately owned resorts is in direct violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution which he swore to protect and defend against all threats, foreign and domestic.

Separation of Church and State: Trump recently executed and executive order to rescind the Johnson Amendment which made it illegal for churches to voice political support as an organization in order to influence the vote of attendees without losing their tax exempt status. This is in direct conflict with the constitution’s separation of church and state intentions.

Fair Play: Equal rights of women—Trump executed an executive order repealing the Fair Play Act which required employers to pay women an equal amount to men for the same jobs and made it easier for women to sue employers for discrimination and sexual harassment.

Attacks on Voters: Trump has demanded voter information from states which are constitutionally guaranteed to be kept private so that voters can exercise their right to vote their conscience in peace and confidence such votes will not be used to discriminate against them.

Attacks on the Free Press: From its start, the Trump administration has attacked, threatened and cajoled and shut out the free press, disallowing filming of press briefings which destroys the public’s access to recorded footage of stated reasons for deceptions and nondisclosures and statements of evolving policy. Trump has actively threatened the free press, specifically CNN, posting to twitter videos of himself or someone of his likeness pummeling, beating and even shooting down effigies of employees of CNN. These constitutes threats to do violence and are assaults and attempts to suppress and intimidate the free press. As such they are assaults on the constitution and are treason.

Suppression of dissent: From its beginnings Trump’s administration has threatened dissenters, so much so that his advisor Kellyanne Conway said, on camera, “Mr. Trump is keeping a list of those who oppose and speak out against him and they will all be very sorry they spoke out against him.”
This is an attack on the constitutional right to free speech and, by engaging in this intimidation, Kellyanne Conway has attacked personally and aided a systematic attempt to undermine our constitutional rights, to intimidate and to promote despotism. An attack against our constitution and our constitutional freedoms as a representative of the Trump administration giving voice to his policies is conspiracy to commit treason.

Attacks upon the People and Peace

Racism: Trumps advisor Steve Bannon is a known racist and white supremacist presently paid by tax payers and holding an office in the White House from which he continues to run the white supremacist publican Breitbart News using taxpayer dollars to do so, creating the substantial appearance that this administration supports racism and, specifically, white supremacy.

Promotion of violence During Campaign: During his campaign, Trump repeatedly, at rallies, encouraged his fans to physically assault and steal from supporters of Hillary Clinton, taking from them their clothing and equipment as they were physically removed from the venue. These were public venues and everyone present had an equal right to be there.
Promotion of Inequality of Minorities and Women: Trump has not only spoken very disrespectfully of the way he has handled and sexually abused women, he has executed an executive order to repeal the Fair Play Act, which protected women’s rights to equal pay and allowed women to sue employers for sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. He has encouraged the republican House and Senate to devise a healthcare (ACA) repeal and replace bill which unconstitutionally discriminates against women’s rights to control their bodies and reproduction functions, has selectively oppressed women by denying them pregnancy coverage as “preexisting conditions” and disallowed leave to give birth.

Promotion of Inequality Based on Social Status: Trump’s republican congress, both House and Senate, have attacked our Liberty vis-a-vis removal of access to health care (attempting to repeal the ACA) in contravention of the will of the people while attempting to pass a bill that would give Congress, and their aids all the benefits of extended coverage of the ACA. This is an attack on the constitutionally guaranteed equality of treatment under the law inasmuch as such this act would charge taxpayers to provide to their oppressors coverages which their oppressors claim power to deny their tax paying constituents.


Nonfeasance and Dereliction of Duty of Republican Leadership in Congress: 

The obvious implication of the republican House’s and Senate’s nonfeasance and dereliction of duty to impeach is that there exists within the House and Senate a network of corrupt representatives and senators. They have created, by their nonfeasance and dereliction, an atmosphere in which the Trump administration has, boldly and with impunity, attacked civil rights, attacked the constitution, and created, for the sake of enrichment of himself and his family, dangerous international alliances with government entities historically and demonstrably hostile to these United States. Inasmuch as both republican House and Senate, have thwarted discovering of these international relationships by allowing blatant contempt from Jeff Sessions in the face of his obvious perjury, declined to prosecute him for admitted perjury during his confirmation hearings, The Congressional republican members of House, particularly Speaker Paul Ryan, have intentionally thwarted full and impartial inquiry into the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency. This makes them complicit with the cover up, the obstruction of justice, and the degradation of our rights as citizens and the power of the constitution to protect our rights. This makes them complicit with treason.

We, the people, must demand their removal from office—without pay or benefits—until fair, thorough and impartial investigation has been completed. We must further demand the impeachment of Donald J Trump Sr. and the removal and prosecution of all parties in his cabinet and family who have been complicit in this ongoing and deepening erosion of the people’s rights and protections under the constitution which Trump has attacked, and continues to degrade.

We must demand the removal without pay, of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Orrin Hatch, of Michael Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump as all of these are complicit with the chicanery and conspiracy to impede discovery of their part in this unprecedented widespread conspiracy to commit and allow treason.

We MUST demand the Supreme Court, nullify the results of the corrupted 2016 election and schedule a new special election to determine an appropriate protector of the people and the constitution.

The Political Crossroads

I don’t enjoy writing about politics. I hate it about as much as I despise marketers sticking commercials in my face all over the internet. Both put me in a grim and determined frame of mind, evoking more extremist aspects of my nature. Advertisers forcing in front of me their wares only makes me absolutely determined to never buy their products or services—and that’s on the milder side of my reactions. I can be, what I am sure most would consider, “extreme” in my readiness to “take the logic of a fact to its ultimate conclusion in unmitigated act”. Some behaviors evince intentions that are, to me, ultimate objectives so obviously nefarious that my response is very clear cut: Eliminate the threat and set a precedent so it shan’t likely ever be undertaken again. I am of a frosty wrath when provoked. Likelihood is, therefore, that this article is going to distress some readers. I hope to make my arguments rational and so clear that the only thing readers will disagree on is how the endgame situation of these connivances should be answered with consequences.
We are, in the United States, at a crossroads. We are a grand “experiment” to some but, to me, that experiment has proven that the people can govern themselves—provided no mobs of sufficient assets collude to perturb the operations of our democracy. In a way, my true heart’s political leanings are to the right of Libertarianism. That reasoning goes thus: “Laws are only about redress because good people know how to behave and don’t need the laws, and ‘bad people’ take no heed of laws anyway.” Give me a “stand your ground” state and my 9mm and I’ll look after me and mine. On the other hand, I recognize that the people at large need to be protected from those who call themselves “Republicans” or “Libertarians” as a guise under which they hide their true “Corporatist” inclinations. What do I mean by “Corporatist”? Let’s talk about it.
Technical innovations proceeds not steadily but with great strides behind which legislation, needed to protect the people and the environment, lags languishing to discern which hazards need to be addressed and how to effectively do so without squashing industrial initiative. It is a delicate balance requiring insight and integrity and absolutely incorruptible moral character coupled with time and assets enough to create and then fine tune regulations. Corporatists have taken massive advantage of this lag time to make huge profits off properties that are justly jointly owned by all of us equally. The air is Ours. The wildlife is Ours. The oceans and seas are Ours. The soil is Ours. The national parks are Ours. The water is Ours. We, the People, belong to ourselves and to no one else. Our time too, is Ours and conversion of it into an hourly wage is, arguable not “income”. It is a conversion of an asset, time, which we already own, for the sake of commerce, which is healthy for the country’s economy. But we’ll talk about that issue another time.
When a corporation makes huge profits which they could not otherwise make without polluting the environment, Our air, water, seas, wildlife, or soils—it is theft. The estimation of the size of this theft is difficult to ascertain, but sources suggest it amounts to about $7.3 Trillion per yearThese costs, instead of being mitigated by the corporations who make profits abusing these jointly own assets, are paid for by taxpayers. This, very apparently amounts to the sequestration of jointly owned assets (JOA) into the private coffers of the Corporatists who own the polluting corporations which are abusing and/or stealing the JOAs. If you are with me thus far, we are on the same side of this argument, but let’s look just a little closer at this argument for the sake of those still on the fence.
We have seen this wealth transfer from the JOAs to the private coffers of Corporatists in a few ways: The Walton clan which owns Walmart and Sam’s Clubs, comes to mind as a demonstrative case in point. They typically pay their workers wages so low that workers cannot survive without public tax dollars being put aside to feed the workers through SNAP and WIC subsidization. This means, essentially, that taxpayers are paying to feed the workers who have made the Waltons very, very wealthy—the wealthiest family in America. The money spent to feed and/or house these workers is JOA wealth being transferred to the Waltons. To be fair, inasmuch as these family-owned corporations could not make their money without the workers whom they work very, very hard, these families are using people up as expendable or consumable “assets” in order to make themselves wealthier. They provide not enough sustenance/pay to keep their workers fed or housed or healthy. These costs are picked up by taxpayers through the social safety net programs which are currently under attack by the republicans in Congress. This is theft on a massive scale and the corporatists know they must wrest control of this country, Our Democracy, away from We, The People, or they will lose what THEY, the corporatists, deem THEIR freedom to usurp ownership of all the JOAs and all the people.
In effect, we are at a political crossroads where the people and our democracy are being attacked from inside by the Corporatists who want to continue using our JOAs and our health and our time as if these assets belong to them to be used up as they please to make themselves wealthy—and they never get enough wealth to induce them to allow it to “trickle down”. Trickle down economics has proven an abysmal failure every time and every place it has ever been tried. The wealthy get wealthier and the workers who make them rich get poorer and sicker.
So, for the sake of this, and future, discussions, the above descriptions are what I call “Corporatists”. They are, in our country, a covert political force, using “nonprofit foundations” of their own devising, in order to bribe public officials to enlist their assistance in creating a covert ruling elite who will, essentially, wrest all liberties and all ownership away from the citizens, turning them, eventually into their personal corporate property: slaves. This is actually already flagrantly happening through the privatization of our country’s prison system. Prisoners are not just locked up. They are slaves, but that too is a topic for another discussion and is only tangentially mentioned as a “for instance” particularly demonstrative of where this covert usurpation of our democracy is headed.
The pernicious and widespread level of corruption in our government is just beginning to be sensed, but this operation has been underway for roughly fifty years, and its materialization into the reality of its fruition is beyond weird. Since Trump’s election we seem to have fallen through the looking glass into a strange reality where morals are completely twisted, political thinking obviously warped, and the allegiance of our Congress to the liberty of the people has been completely subverted. Indeed, the republicans in the House and Senate have hidden behind closed doors where they are revising health care in our country, wresting away benefits from the workers who made corporatists rich, so those bribed republicans in Congress can afford to transfer assets by way of huge tax breaks, to their wealthy Corporatist Mob bosses. The White House is bombastically denying the free media/press access to their briefings, disallowing taping and recordings of any sort which might serve to prove later lies they are currently using to attempt to explain away their obvious misdeeds. But, as I mentioned, the Corporatist Mob has become even more clever and even more covert than any of this—presumably, lest it all backfire and incriminate them personally.
For the last half century, the Corporatist Mob has been suborning Congressional officials who are supposed to serve the interests of their constituents at large, into serving the interests of the Corporatist Mob (CM). The CM has used its wealth to force their Corporatist philosophy to be taught at the most renowned “Ivy League” colleges for half a century. They have longstanding relationships with political officials, including Mayors, State Legislators, Governors and Congressional elected officials throughout the country. The long term aim has been to cause these individuals to warp progressively their morals, placing themselves in deeper and deeper moral hazard so they have no hope of redemption should they ever decide to come forward to reveal the covert campaign of the Corporatist Mob. This Mob meets secretly twice a year, at very exclusive retreats at posh resorts, and their private “Corporatist Mob Congresses” are organized by none other than Charles and David Koch. The people at these Mob Congresses appear to be upstanding members of society, but the fact is that the reason they came to be included in this Mob is because, in the course of making their wealth, they have broken laws and been prosecuted, some many times. Embittered with those brushes with the law, they resolved to take apart the administrative institutions designed by those still committed to protecting the people and our JOAs to protect us from Corporatist abuse.
These Mob operatives are precisely the people installed in the White House: Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Betsy DeVoss, Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions. These people are all intentionally attempting to, as quickly as possible, dismantle the “administrative state” institutions designed to protect the public and the environment from Corporatists who view it all as belonging to them. Steven Bannon has even stated this at point blank and that demonstrates how brazen they have become in their pursuit of what, essentially, constitutes TREASON. It appears Paul Ryan too is deeply suborned as well since he, as Speaker of the House, sees no reason to discipline or impeach Trump even though he is attacking the Constitutional protections designed to prevent our government officials from being suborned to the leaders of other countries (the emoluments clause). Neither has Paul Ryan done anything about Trump's obvious overt obstruction of justice or tampering/intimidating a witness, nor the fact that Jeff Sessions has already perjured himself and continues to impede investigations into the Russian interference in our 2016 elections. There aren’t many other explanations for why Trump can get away with all he is doing wrong: He has the protection of a mostly corrupted republican House and Senate. Further, the realization any thinking person would come to is that, the likelihood is, Russia has been tinkering with out elections for quite some time—likely since the hanging chad debacle that elected George W. Bush—and they have just recently become so brazen, or so careless, that they have been detected at last.
The real question is not if this is/has been happening, but becomes, what do We, The People do about these traitors?
In my opinion, we need a massive, public investigation of every government official in every state legislature, every governor, and every senator and representative in both houses of our national Congress. We should be tough and aggressive with every one of these officials in order to encourage them to turn state’s evidence. And we should be very harsh indeed with anyone directly involved in collusion with the Russians or the Corporatist Mob. Once we prove whom in the Corporatist Mob has done what, corporations and/or private wealth held by those criminally involved traitors should be seized and nationalized and repatriated to pay back social security, making it solvent again, pay off the national debt to a manageable level and fund the foundations of a national single payer health care system.
This is harsh but it is warranted for such a dastardly crime as this blatant, long term, orchestrated scheme to subvert our democracy for the sake of building private wealth among those in this Corporatist Mob—and it is an organized mob with criminal intentions. Any such attempt, no matter how it is undertaken, constitutes treason. It is not constitutionally protect “free speech” but an organized, collective attempt at a coup, using bribery and massive private funds, jointly seeded, for the sake of an endgame that constitutes a usurpation of the will of the public masses by the few elitists of the Corporatist Mob. It is an attempt to take over our government, destroy the administrative divisions that protect the public from the unethical Corporatist Mob, and install administrative staff friendly to the continued abuse and appropriation of JOAs, therefore it is treason. By any definition, such an actual undertaken attack against our democracy and constitution is not just talk/speech/expression of opinion but action to actually affect the desired usurpation. Because it is undertaken by a group, it is Conspiracy to usurp our democracy which is Conspiracy to commit treason. Therefore, it can in no means be justified as constitutionally protected “free speech” but must be determined to be treason.
We can talk forever in our homes or even in public about how we wish things were, about how we reckon they ought to be, but actively undertaking, individually or in concert with others, to usurp the will of the people and attack the constitution and/or the institutions of the government administration installed to protect the people is not free speech. It is treason.
Corporations have NO rights. They are NOT real entities and they have no constitutionally protected right to “self expression”. Therefore, any corporation, foundation for profit or nonprofit, or for deferred long term profit, entity of enterprise which attacks and actively seeks to usurp the will of the people, the constitution or to seize public JOAs is an agent of treason—and those who created such corporation and continue in the administration of such goals are guilty of treason.
People, there is just no way around this. What the Kochs et al have done is treason. What Steve Bannon and Robert and Rebekah Mercer have done is treason.
This is Our country. These are Our lives. The time we have is Ours. We must stand up and demand harsh discipline to stop the Corporatist Mob and make the punishment so severe that it is likely to dissuade anyone from ever attempting such a usurpation of our democracy again. Orchestrators of this attack should be jailed for the remainder of their natural lives. And, were I to give voice to the frostier aspects of my anger over this attack, heads would indeed roll—but that's just me "taking the logic of a fact to its ultimate conclusion in unmitigated act".

We are at a crossroads. We are one people—either pulling together to protect our democracy and our JOAs or thrown together by the Corporatist Mob as their minions and slaves. I know which of the two choices I’d prefer to be. Eric Trump has said straight out that those dissenting against his father are "...not even people to me". This is the way Corporatists think. We are only assets of their industries to increase their personal wealth and they hide behind the corporate entity status in a bid to escape prosecution for their obvious treasonous treachery.

We must recognize our common peril. We must reconcile and realize we have been artificially divided in order to confuse and weaken us so that our democracy could be usurped. We must stop fighting each other and come together to discern the perpetrators and their methods and decide fitting punishment for those who have divided us in their bid to overthrow our constitution and enslave us. For, make no mistake, Brothers and Sisters, this is their intention. We are "not even people" to them.

What This Open Lawlessness Means
Simple Reason Will Make Clear
Our country and political culture are fundamentally changed, deeply damaged already. Ten years ago, perjury during confirmation hearing before the Congress would have landed a candidate to be the Attorney General in jail, yet Jeff Sessions is not only not in jail, he is not disbarred and he is still the attorney general. Similarly, being an unregistered agent of a foreign government while serving simultaneously as a National Security advisor to the President would have landed Michael Flynn in jail, yet he walks free and is trying to get deals for immunity in exchange for his testimony even though love of his country should demand he tell the truth — were he a true compatriot. Ten years ago the FBI would have had him, and the conditions in which he would have been held would have persuasively uncomfortable.

The blatant nepotism of inserting children and their spouses into high government positions would have brought the President Obama (or any other Democrat) an immediate furor to impeach, yet Trump appoints more and more family members to high positions, creating a broader and broader network of co-conspirators. Flouting the emoluments clause and openly holding government meetups with foreign dignitaries in Trump's personally owned resorts — of which he has refused to divest himself in open disregard of the constitution's emoluments clause — would have seen him impeached, and yet it happens over and over again, netting the Trump brand HUGE profits which are not allowed. For the love of sanity, a mere picayune indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky caused republicans to lunge for President Clinton's throat and demand impeachment. Who, one wonders, stole the 'nads of the Democrats in Congress? Are they perhaps, afraid of something?

Aids plugging the products Trump's children sell would have seen such aids fired had it been President Obama's aid, and yet Trump himself often waves his book "The Art of the Deal" for his brain (and heart) dead minions to go out and buy. Attacking individuals and putting them under surveillance for daring to speak out is a direct attack on the 1st amendment — an amendment he swore under oath to protect and defend from all threats, foreign and domestic. Yet it is happening. (Good thing I live like a monk.) His aid Conway tells the press openly that those who are against the president are being put on a list and they will be very sorry they spoke out against him. Hmmm... It seems that's well more than half the country. They're gonna need a lot of jails. And that threat made under color of authority of the President is a direct attack upon the Constitution, more specifically the first amendment, which he swore an oath to defend from all treats foreign and domestic. Trump IS a domestic threat to our Constitution and evidence has borne this out sufficiently well already. 

Trump's unprecedented assaults on the functioning of the free press happen daily. He signs as well "executive orders" that create huge tax breaks, remove permitting restrictions and "bigly" increase profits for his rich personal friends and for the CEOs of corporations which have been generous to his campaign  and then he gives to said CEOs the pen he used to sign the executive orders that made them even wealthier. And all this is not even counting the treason in which he seems very likely to have engaged in with Russia to sway public perception using weaponized buzz words and phrases to frighten and polarize Americans along party lines, separating us from each other more gravely than ever we've been since the civil war. It's a scenario which, to be fair, was amplified by our growing insular mentality created by our constant mesmerization with the cell phones and tablets we rarely put down to even give each other a smile or eye contact these days. Netbots were deployed to create a "tweetkreige" buzz, the timing of which was closely correlated with Trump's own tweetkreige on the same issues, eerily using the same buzz phrases in amplification, coincidental or planned, of these matters before the songbirds of the twitter community. But this rabbit hole descends into a maze-like warren that careens downhill to a quickly deepening mire of collusion and festering corruption that just gets deeper and stinkier and more repugnant to any true patriot.

Consider, for example, that it seems very likely that, through his "surrogates" he made a deal with Putin to gain 19% of the nationalized Russian oil monopoly "Rosneft" (and Putin's help in making him president) in exchange for lifting the sanctions against Russia. (Note that, although this information came from a dossier compiled by Britain's MI6 that has yet to be corroborated entirely, on Dec. 7, 2016 — one month after Trump’s electoral victory, Putin and Sechin announced on Russia’s national television that the country had sold to foreign investors 19.5 percent of the Russian oil monopoly Rosneft. This a sum is, again, eerily similar, in fact, nearly identical to, the percentage cited by the dossier.) Perhaps the other .5% went to Carter Page. Mr. Page was, in fact, in Russia for a "speaking engagement" at the time the dossier claims the deal was brokered  and we all remember (one hopes) that Mr. Page was appointed by Trump as one of his foreign policy advisors. At about the same time, Trump chose Paul Manafort, a man with numerous close ties to the powerful elites in Russia, to lead Trump's operations during the summer’s Republican National Convention and later to supervise Trump's campaign. Manafort, who has been accused of (but denies) receiving $12 million in cash payments from the deposed Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych — a close Moscow ally — played a major role in the crafting the Republican Party platform, purging that platform of criticism of Russia as well as all support for Ukrainian independence.

Hmmm... Curiouser and curiouser. The number of simple coincidences seems to strain intolerably the limits of simple "chance"  even to the generous of spirit and perception.

All this treachery damages the country more every day, eroding faith in our government and in free market capitalism. Yet Trump displays daily his disdain for the constitution he swore to defend and protect, and he does it openly — as though he has nothing to fear. And on the 27th day of March, 2017 he signed an executive order that derails a woman's right to equal pay by denying her the right to sue her employer for sexual harassment or unfair/unequal pay. And then there's that new executive order signed just a few days past that allows anyone with access to internet data on individuals to sell said data without the consent of those to whom said data pertains. There's a discernable "reason" he'd do this too, but this particular rabbit hole leads to a reclusive multibillionaire who made his money in information technology and has developed a plan to use said technology to take control of the country through his surrogates, Steve Bannon and Donny-boyo Trump.

Robert Mercer and his daughter, Rebeka, whom Trump installed in the white house along with Bannon (who appears to be Trump's handler) own the lion's share of Cambridge Analyticawhich is the subsidiary of company of similar function in the U.K. called "Strategic Communications Laboratories". Bannon sits on the board of Robert Mercer's company Cambridge Analytica, which has used cute, innocuous little personality inventories hosted on Facebook to gather data on the people who take the tests. The tests were tailored in every imaginable form, empowering Cambridge Analytica to lure anyone into taking some of them, and this data created opportunity for Cambridge Analytica to psychometrically profile 220 million Americans. These Americans were also correlated graphically to their locations and the data was then weaponized: Buzz word and phrases were designed to frighten those easily frightened—anger those who felt disenfranchised, and to woo, normally rational individuals, who were listing towards Trump, unbalanced and rationally impaired under the burden of the psychological warfare, the attackthe psychological bomb—delivered by their trained conmanTrump. "Conman" is shorthand for "confidence man" and that is what Trump is—a salesman who gains your trust and then abuses it to bilk you and take you unawares. Think "used car salesman of real estate turned national TRAITOR". "Believe me," he's so often said "It's gonna be fantastic and you will be very, very happy". (Or else, right? Are you getting the picture?)

This weaponized information was then then fed to Trump in near real time who, somewhat more than simply coincidentally engaged in his Tweetkreigs to amplify them out into the Twitter stream. He also used these phrases and words designed specifically to upset and frighten and anger Americans along party lines, and these phases and words were tailored as talking points in the pitches he used to present himself as a candidate in the various parts of the country he visitedessentially morphing him from one community to another like a chameleon changes his colors. The data stream he was fed through Bannon et al enabled him to know the hearts and minds of those to whom he was "pitching himself as their savior" because Cambrige Analytica provided him information in near real time from those same Facebook tests to gauge the impacts his "pitches" were having and advised him as to how to change his pitch to create maximum bang for his bucks. But the bucks, $15 million of them, came from Robert Mercer and were then paid back to Mercer's company for the services rendered.

Cambridge Analytica has boasted openly that they got Trump his election to the White House and their parent company in the UK—Strategic Communications Laboratories—has similarly openly boasted that they caused the UK to separate from the European commonwealth. The thot plickens... Mercer installed Bannon as Trump's Handler, and his daughter Rebeka as his mole in the White House, to keep a finger on the pulse of the fallout and progress. Mercer, it is worth noting has stated he believes a being's value is only in how much money and assets said being ownsor in how much pleasure they provide to him. His stated intention is to completely disassemble the government infrastructure that keeps corporatists from destroying the environment and working workers to death and then euthanizing them or directing them to go away someplace discrete and die quietly so they are no bother to him.

So now, one billionaire recluse's dream of controlling the whole world and being king of it all, with Trump and Puntin as the "Hands of the King" has come perilously close to being realized because he knows what we love and fear and hate and want and what frightens us, and he is happy to use psychological warfare on his own people and his own society to deconstruct it. This is WAR. This is TREASON and Trump is a party to it and so is Bannon and Rebeka Mercer and probably Mike Pence, and Mike Flynn for how could they NOT know? Further, all of Europe is languishing under losses to property values because of Brexit and the NATO alliance is threatenedand behind all of the clamour of an America more polarized than it has ever been since the Civil War, is heardin Russia and Long Island where Mercer livesthe sound of Champaign bottles being popped as Putin anticipates the free reign in which he expects to be able to do as he pleases—to attack Europe at will without recourse from the US. This little illegal bombing of Syria Trump pleasured himself with was a ploy to make us think he really doesn't like Putin or have any agreements with him. But the fact of the matter is he and Putin are presently well positioned to get away with a corporatist coup d'etat in the western hemisphere and, one expects, Putin intends to take over the eastern hemisphere.   

The list goes on and on but it all amounts to this: We have a president who openly flouts the laws he breaks in complete disregard of, not just decorum, but of LAW and the sanctity of the Presidency. And we have a republican dominated Congress that allows all of this blatant contempt for the rule of law and simply looks the other way. In fact, they point the other way just as does our "leader" and "Liar-in-Chief". "Look over there! Leakers! Quick! Get them! Schnell!" But we all know War is the Ultimate Distraction, so on April 8th Trump launched his illegal Tomahawk Cruise Missile attack, unapproved by Congress, initiating another potential Viet Nam scenario in complete turnabout from his emphatic tweet-stance that "Syria is not our problem" when President Obama went to Congress (as the Constitution demands) for approval of intervention in the war torn killing fields of rubble that remain of that once prosperous country. It seems that republicans have become the political party of lies and lawlessness, treachery and unwholesome acquisitiveness: If they can't win playing by the rules, they break the rules or simply change them to suit their present agenda. The question has become not "Has there been treason?" but "How many, and who are complicit to a very grievous treason perpetrated by the elites, the 1% against the remainder of us?"
It's Most Certainly Not the Law The Republicans are "Conserving" nor are they defending the equality of tax paying citizens. In fact, they are clearly setting a pattern of protecting corporations and disenfranchising the rest of usbut most especially women.

Trump appears to lie quite nearly constantly — so much so that it's easy to tell when he's lying because his lips are moving. While Obama was President and went, as the Constitution requires, to Congress to ask for approval to move against Assad's horrific murder and destruction in Syria, Trump tweeted tirelessly his views that we "should not invade Syria" that Syria was "not our problem". In 2017, speaking now out the other side of his mouth, Trump's forked tongue blamed Syria's woes on President Obama for failing to intercede. Etc, etc, etc... The hypocrisy, and criminality seem to have no end  and no memory at all either.

This is not the behavior of a Legitimate President of These United States, but it Is that of a Dictator  and it Bodes Bigly Bad for the situation in Congress as Well.

There is only one answer for why this is going on and why nothing is being done: The republicans (in Congress) have become the party of lying, hypocrisy, crony capitalism and a quickening movement towards a kleptocracy that leads to Oligarchy. Moreover, it seems apparent they are colluding to thwart justice, so much so that the American public is overwhelmed with the details. The House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes makes back door visits to the White House to brief the President of what the proceedings are revealing, presumably so the Liar-in-Chief can come up with a story to cover his treachery. At another time, when we were more concerned with how we did and what and why we did what we do, rather that that it get done, we would have been marching on Washington DC, screaming for justice. Principles, honor and vows seem to have gone out of style — all of which makes them ever more precious to this American. The ONLY way this kind of lawlessness is openly engaged in, one easily reasons, is when the ones who are doing so know they have in place a widespread network of co-conspirators who will NOT pursue justice but will actually diffuse and thwart investigation and sentencing — likely because their hands are dirty too. One hand washes the other, it is said, but I am the sort who wants to know how they got so filthy to begin with—which is why I don't watch the news on TV, I read and I research, finding hither an yon pieces of the puzzle and then assembling through evidence and reason, and a measure of intuition, what the box top looks like. This Homey don't play that corruption game.

"Honor is the only asset that cannot be taken," Daddy counseled me. "It must be given or sold in order to be lost and it is my own most treasured asset. It is a gift a man or woman preserves to, and for, themselves."

The only explanation is widespread corruption.

This sort of behavior would have been an outrage were any other President to engage in such open lawlessness and disregard of what simple decorum demands. The entire network, but most importantly the Trump family, Steve Bannon and the Mercers, are domestic threats to our country, our way of life and the Constitution itself. This is so obvious that it vies as incontrovertible fact: Their network of shills must be huge, reason directs, and the republicans in the house and senate (and most probably some democrats too) are corrupt. All of this, when we know that sound governance demands that "Cesar's wife must be witnessed to be beyond reproach". I might consider making myself subject to a dictator — had he or she any character at all, yet I have witnessed that politicians are, to a man, one of two sorts: those who are of low character or those who judge themselves harshly and exact of themselves faithfulness to indelible principles. Power, it seems (sadly) appeals only to the worst of us — and corrupts the best of us. And one often has to stoop to pick it up when it lands at their feet. Would that it would land at mine. Heads would literally roll.

I am calling them out and so should you. ANY republican NOT involved in the corruption should change party affiliation now, come forward with anything they know that will help the country clean out this festering infection of lawlessness and empower the country to regain the rule of law. If you are not part of the solution, you are the hand of the problem. This is apparent and this reasoning is indisputable. We are under siege by a man who just a few months ago put his hand on the bible and swore under oath to protect the constitution from all threats, foreign and domesticand HE, along with Robert Mercer et al, ARE THE DOMESTIC THREATS.

It Must Be Stopped. If the POTUS is Openly Lawless He is Seizing Power as a Dictator and this one reason this whole scenario has been in planning for about a decade. "How, Callaghan, do you reason this?" you may well ask—as you should. Well, I've a bit of psychological education myself and a strong strain of "intuition". All of his other children bear normal names while his baby and youngest, now ten years old, Trump Named "Barron".

I reckon that speaks amply clearly to his thoughts and desires at the time he named the lad. If that and everything else I have assembled here for you does not make you grind your teeth, break your heart, and want to apologise to your imagined political "enemies" whom you were encouraged to hate by Trump—indeed to "Punch them in the mouth, etc..." you are a lost cause and too full of hate and fear and irrationality to realized you have been duped and brainwashed and manipulated. It's okay, when it all clears up we'll prove we were not your enemies and your fears will soon extinguish. Democrats, you know... We're "into" inclusion. It's our mindset. You'll be fine.

If the Senate had any desire to begin impeachment it is already justified but all they'd have to do the seal the "deal" would be to put Trump under oath and question him. As Trump is arguably a sociopath and a pathological liar, with a lot of wrong doings to hide, he'd have no hope. And this brings to mind a new Constitutional Amendment We, The People should consider. I call it "The Principle of Constant Troth".

From the Moment a President or Congressman Puts Their Hand Upon that Book and Swears to Uphold and Defend Our Republic and Constitution, They Are Under Oath and ANY Lie Is Perjury and Grounds for Impeachment and Appropriate Punitive Remedy.

My People, when nothing is done about public figures abusing public faith, it becomes an insidiously growing Attack upon the people and the Constitution. Doing Nothing reinforces the compunctionless lawlessness we see rampant in the Federal government today. 

We are at a juncture — a crossroads that Thomas Jefferson surely foresaw when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. His words reverberate down through time with their significance so perfectly relevant to the present situation and bear revisiting, at least in part, in this excerpt from that sacred and inspired Declaration:

"...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good..."

And this alone, intentional psychological attacks aside, my Countrymen and women is grounds enough to Impeach. So let it begin if you have in your marrow one whit of integrity and true allegiance to These United States.

Copyright Callaghan Grant, 2017. All rights reserved. 


  1. Hot stuff, unfortunately cooling to rapidly as we are still distracted by everyday problems and occasional joy.

    1. THAT'S a FACT, right there. Makes me wonder if I should write the FBI with the hopes that at least THEY are clean as a whistle. What do you think?

  2. It's easier said than done. There have already been mass demonstrations nationwide. It just hasn't been enough.

    The hard part is deciding what the next best course of action is, and coordination to carry it out. And even then, there are complex aspects of that (how far do we go/how do we escalate things, making sure that it never harms innocent people/devolves into something that could be construed as terrorism, prioritizing soft points, making sure we can justify every act logically and morally)

    We know that if Trump used an excuse such as a terrorist attack to declare martial law, we'd have no recourse but to violently revolt, or acquiesce (which I think we can agree is unacceptable).

    And people have jobs, and families to take care of. Not everyone has the money or time to spend, think that they don't have to be that person, or would only do so if they felt confident it would create results.

    But by then, it might be too late to save the country as we know it, even if our side won such a war. And a lot of us are likely on a "subversive list", and could be arrested or murdered in our own homes if it happens.

    There is no question that Trump and his band of deplorables and wealthy elite can be allowed to continue to turn this country into an oligarchy where laws don't apply to them. It's the how that is a piece of a puzzle.

    I want to help. But the question is how I can best spend my time, and my money, if necessary.

  3. Hi Joel.

    Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. I appreciate it very much. I'd like to respond to your observations one at a time, prefacing with this, "I am not a subversive and, most likely, neither are you." We want our country to remain free and to reclaim liberties lost for the sake of "security" that has never materialized. As Ben Franklin said (approximately) "Those who sacrifice their liberty for security deserve neither." So, no one is advocating the overthrow of our government or the usurpation of our Constitution--a document I hold in near sacred reverence for it. What we want is not "subversive" by any reasonable man or woman's standard. We want, we NEED, to remove the influences of corporatists from influencing the administration of our democracy. The fact that we've had "mass demonstrations nationwide" and yet nothing has been done indicates how very deeply the tentacles of the corporatists have infiltrated our government. So, in deciding what to do next to try to SAVE our democracy, reason will tell you we must act to eliminate the hold corporatists have on our country and, indeed, the world. There are a few things we can demand straight away that I believe would help.

    First, we need to have the Constitution amended with a clause I call "The Principle of Perpetual Troth". This means, in effect, that once the president or any of their cabinet or any congressman or woman is sworn in, they are in a constant state of being "under oath" and anything they lie about is perjury and grounds for impeachment/removal. We must face the fact that power attracts the worst of us and corrupts the best of us. We must hold public trust as sacred and we must insist that breach of any government official's fiduciary responsibility to the people is unacceptable and will be met with removal from office. Individuals who can't seem to open their mouths without dissembling won't last a day.

    Secondly, we must strip corporations of their "entity status". Inasmuch as the supreme court is presently loaded towards the far right and they have already allowed "Citizens United" and other shell companies to make massive contributions of funds to government entities under the guise of being "not for profit", the only way to stop citizens united is to strip all corporations of the entity status that allows their contributions to be considered "free speech". Corporations are not entities. They have no compassion and no compunctions and they care for nothing but increasing shareholder profits so shareholder will continuing giving the corporations their money to buy more shares. Furthermore, although corporations can be sued, when the board members or the CEOs or COOs do something illegal and/or harmful to the public, there is no one to prosecute because of the distributed responsibility/accountability. If we strip away entity status, then corporations cannot contribute to political agendas that further their causes because they have no right to free speech as expressed through monetary endorsement. Further, the board members then (along with the corporate officers) become both civilly and criminally liable for misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance that adversely affects the public. In this case all the corporate officers and board members will be made more circumspect and, of course, the assets of the corporations' will also subject to seizure due to the liability they assume/create with implementation of the directives of board members and officers. Since we can't beat this supreme court's heavily biased political leanings, we can attack the entity status that allows corporations to buy the government and our government's officers with huge "free speech" enabled "donations". We need, in other words, to call these "donations" what they really are: bribery. (Cont'd below)

  4. (Reply to Joel Cont'd.)

    While I don't pretend that these measures would solve everything, they do make direct attacks upon the foundation of our government's corruption much more feasible and likely to have the desired effects.

    Thirdly, there is no reason we can't investigate corruption and corrupts corporate practices on our own when we appear to be waiting without any sign from the FBI, the Senate or the House that they are factually getting anything done. Mr. Trump, or any similar administrator, could do immense damage while we wait. In this too we need to support our free press and encourage deeply investigative journalism that uncovers the tentacles of corruption and then makes this public knowledge. And public knowledge is the axis around which all power rotates. An uninformed or misinformed public makes crazy decisions that get us into this sort of mess. Just TRY talking to a republican (who voted for the present administration) about the shenanigans used to sway their votes, deepen the polarization of the country and tap the suppressed rage that sent them to the polls en masse to make their (ill advised) votes. Although they are known for being "conspiracy theorists" the idea that a company used their online behavior to profile them psychologically and locate them geographically so that Mr. Trump could then tailor his pitch to each crowd he addressed would make most of them ballistic with rage--at the MESSENGER. This is so because the information is not common knowledge. If it were common knowledge that this sort of technology exists and is being weaponized, the chances of it being so effectively used in the near future would be greatly reduced.

    Once again I thank you for your input and encourage you to read "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer and to speak openly with people about these issues and concepts. I also look forward to hearing from you again.

    Kind regards,


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