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Monday, January 8, 2018

Quantum Imminence, The Last Moment and Lucidity Quotient for Dummies

I died in 1978 at the age of 20 in a freak accident with horses. I watched the accident unfold because I’d left my body’s perspective straight away. Time slipped into slow motion. There was an inner exchange about what was happening as a Presence that has watched over me all my life warned me, He’s kicking.
So what,
I replied. He can’t get me up here.

Dead wrong, I was. I felt a rolling sensation to my left and then I was about 150 feet away at the edge of the paddock watching as the hands holding reins went slack, head snapping back, and the mare I had been astride ran right out from under the body that had been mine. I watched it happen, impassively, as a series of quickly clicking still shots—and the body hit the ground, head first, with a truly dispiriting thud. Suddenly, I was in a richly black void which had a sheen or luster—like a black pearl—and I was Perfect. I remarked as such too, saying “Perfect. I am perfect. Nothing can ever hurt me again.”
Instantly, he was there (the Presence) and I knew he’d never left me, ever. After a “life review” during which I actually relived vignettes of my life, seeming to descend into the dream of the world and then ascend to the void, remembering both venues at once (the temporal and the void) and so lucid, I determined to return to the world.
Now, going through this revelatory experience was transformational but it was in no wise “religious”. No, it was, and has remained, an ongoing relationship of guidance and source of creativity, but it is always about “How the Consciously Self-Evolving Machine of this Universe works”. A significant aspect of this is that “…there exists in a non-temporospatial “realm” which the guide (the Presence) persists and, from which, he exerts influence and gives guidance to maximize your earth experience to your good.” He calls this state “Quantum Imminence” (QI) and suggests, “…it is the constantly present Instant of Manifestation, the reason for the sense of ‘Poised Immanence’. It is eternally, constantly, accessible and immAnent within every instant of every incarnation’s experience.”
Recently, he suggests the guide modulates the “…Manifestation Rate of the incarnations willings, keeping the manifestation rate low when the incarnation is frightened or angry and not thinking clearly, and accelerating into ‘realization’ the helpful and productive aspirations of the incarnations as a form of reinforcement. This remains necessarily a trial and error learning situation until humanity becomes entirely willing to accept guidance and lucid enough to realize guidance is ever present in the state of QI.”
From my perspective which straddles venue experiences quite clearly in memory, it’s not magic. It looks like magic from inside the venue but it’s Science after a perspective-broadening paradigm shift. Science is a procedure of asking questions, making observations, experimenting and creating predictive models—but you cannot get answers that are meaningful to the boardening context (as in the shift from temporospatial to the QI state) until you ask the questions that address the broader context. This is a perceptual quantum leap as well. We are asking the wrong questions. As Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." I suggest “perspective” or “context” as better descriptors than “level of consciousness” while taking nothing away from the expression’s verity.
Another thing he suggests might interest you: He suggests that, from the void, all possible event cascades are simultaneously available and all data for each event stream simulation is stored holographically within every instant of the event streams. To get back into the dream of the world (event stream) I had left, he advised, “…If you want to remember this experience, you must return through ‘The Last Moment’. The Last Moment is the instant at which the event cascade’s venue was exited. It defines, location in time and space and the specific cascade of events that led to the NDE in the QI state. You have already descended into the temporal several times when we reviewed your life. You can re-enter the time-event stream anywhere. You can go back in the instant before the accident that ended in this experience and so avoid it. In that case you will experience little or no memory of this experience as memory is identification and the memories that cause identification are holographically stored in the venues to which they are relevant. All you will experience in that case is a strong sense of deja vu as you avert the accident. If you want to remember, you must return in your memory and experience, as you did in the life review, to The Last Moment and then summon your will to be there. The scenario will cascade along a thread of continuity most probable based upon the way the Universal Machine works, the way you think, your lucidity quotient and my own intercession.”

All of this has, in the intervening years, seemed evocative in its heuristic implications. Just sayin…

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Were I to Die Today, I Have Done What I Came Back to DO: Given You This

The past does not define me. The present cannot confine me. The future can but refine me to be more like the Eternal Spirit that got me into form. I am free, sovereign divine and it is simple lucidity that has brought me to this experience. I say "simple". It is simple but, apparently, not easy. This is because the dream of this world is so sensorially immersive it creates senses of both auspicious upheaval and impending doom. The former, we call "excitement" and "anticipation". The latter we call "Dread" -- and "Dread" itself we come to fear and with our fear we give it power--ALL the power it can EVER have. This is where lucidity evaporates into a mistaken complete identification with the character whom you play in your life experience. You are not this character but Eternal Spirit. YOU cannot die, but you can DREAM that you can and have that experience.

We are all entangled--one with the Eternal Spirit who got us into being--and with each other. This world is one in which he broods his progeny. It materializes events into our experiences, slowly at first, as reflections of our "makings". We "make" our experiences what they are to us with the labels we assign thereto. We create characters too and with our emotional attachment to them we give them life. The same way the Eternal Spirit got us into being, we too manifest -- joys, or terrors, manifested as we CALL/"summon" them and experienced in that context. We even give them enough eventual energetic charge that the characters we create become self-aware--like "Dread". You remember him/her.

Far fetched? Think again. You are godlings. There is nothing here BUT Godstuff. When you were created by Consciousness ("Christ" "Logos") you were rendered WHOLE ("Holy") meaning you have access to all divine powers of the Eternal Spirit ("First Cause", "God", etc.) Let's not get bogged down in details and miss the essential message: YOU ALONE ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. YOU assign the labels, adjust the vertical, etc. There is power in your utterances and in your thoughts. Here's how it works:

The Universe we live in, "God's" brood chamber where conditions of "Thought Manifestation Rate" are rigorously controlled. When you are not at all lucid and aware of your manifestation power, you can't manifest anything but through the arm of flesh because you are under the spell of that mistaken identification with the character you but seem to be--and you suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. But suffering anything eventually leads to lucidity (and in this it is redeemed.) So, inasmuch as, when you are not lucid, you are prone to scaring yourself and hurting yourself and others, the Universe (which is a conscious self aware and omniscient machine you might think of as our "Mother") slows the RATE at which your imaginings seem to manifest. As you become lucid and aware that you are manipulating outcomes with your very expectations, the Universe speeds up the rate at which you can see this manifestation happening. This is verification. You have just been "reinforced". Hone this talent to RELIABLE skill and perfect your benevolence--for the universal machine will not give to you full access to your manifestation power until you are harmless ("Ahimsa. Hare! Hare!)

Again, this is the point: You are sleeping/"unconscious" godlings sleepwalking without lucidity through this dream experience while you gestate, while we all gestate, in the creatively fertile brood chamber of the Universe. In Tarot, this is "The World", leading to "The Star" (Lucidity) and eventually to "The Sun" which is "The Wakened Christ" for we are all one in the Spirit/Logos/I Am. You do not disappear into "The Christ" -- you are one of the many cherished crystal facets that refract the light of Spirit in which we are one. We are all grails of Consciousness discovering itself by creating more elaborations (Characters/Personas/Incarnations) which then become (free-moving/manifesting) Perceptual Points of View through which the ever growing Consciousness looks back at its Selves through its Selves and, wakening, knows Its Self--and We ALL laugh--awakening in the Paradise of Love (Heaven) from which we have been but dreaming of our exile. <Oooo, shivers...> You waken from the dream of the world at the same juncture in thought/feeling where you "fell into the dream of the world". It's just like wakening from a satisfying dream in which you worked out miraculously something that had been stumping you. You waken and recall, "Oh, I was thinking about that before I fell asleep" (basically) or "Ah, yes... I have been secreting that fear and so I dreamt it into being my experience".

Namaste. If I could give you one set of knowings it is all I have said above and one thing more: IT is my BELIEF that I am just like everyone else. It has been my experience that I have a guide--a very close, intimate alternate awareness that uses images, pure concepts that need no symbols but which are "tasted" or "felt", and my own memories, to communicate with me. Most people I speak to of the (usually) wordless inner "Voice for Truth" (NOT "the voice for fear") know what I am talking about, but some others don't really seem to "get it". Religious people call the "Voice for Truth" the "Holy Ghost" or "Christ Awareness" and then they get things all wrapped up between fear and "worshipping" as a way to fight fear--which only makes it stronger--and DEMONS too have been lent substance in this manner. In fact, you can hardly swing a cat (just an expression) without hitting a DEMON it seems these days. tRump brought them out in force by playing to our "Dread" and Dread's projective progeny are "competitors" and "enemies". Thus, come I to a consideration: Given that, were everyone following this (usually wordless) inner Voice for Truth, we'd see much less suffering in the world, sometimes I think not everyone has this voice. Or, maybe they just don't get its significance and so they don't follow it.

This last bit is crucial because THAT INNER VOICE FOR TRUTH IS *ALL* YOU *EVER* NEED. It is your "Inner Guru", your Daemon, your Man of Light. It will lead you to your Joy and exaltation--and feats of creative heroism. WERE THERE BUT ONE MESSAGE I COULD GIVE YOU IT WOULD BE THIS: The Voice for Truth/Daemon/Guide loves you in a way that never judges. (Because the Guide knows you are but dreaming.) The Guide will never leave but you must ask for its help and be still mentally to wait for its response to rise. The Guide will NOT usurp your will except to preserve your life. One gets to be a Guide by learning and employing reliably the "right use of Will". You too will perfect your benevolence. Follow the Guide/Daemon. As you follow and ask it to help you, it will replace your small amount of imperfect faith with perfect trust because he will have PROVEN his presence.

How to find your guide: Go someplace quiet that calls to your heart. Announce your presence, in that place and centered in still focus on your own "I Am" awareness. Be as still as possible, staring as you would at an intimate friend, but inwardly, with expectation and, if so moved, announce again. Be friendly and loving. "I know you are with me. I know you love me. I know you want only my growing joy, lucidity, power and freedom from suffering (which is "salvation".) I know you will speak to me and show me new things if I will ask and listen. Thank you."

Then wait. Hold your mind still and just allow yourself to look at the associations and feelings and memories that may rise like leaves stirred to leaf devils by a rogue breeze. The breeze is your Guide/Daemon's voice. What he/she is saying is a conceptual message that joins all of the associations that roiled to mind. If you do not understand with native intelligence that makes you "know that you know" you need to ask for more or to speak to it, announcing your heart's desire". Suffice to say that the wisest heart's desire one can have at such a juncture is to earnestly and passionately desire to come into knowledge of, and conversation with, their Daemon/Guide. One hopes one takes the hint. I would not to usurp your will, badger, proselytize, etc. I'm in training. So are you. The only difference between any of us is in the degrees to which we are "awake", "conscious", or "lucid" about said training. Those who learn to learn early learn fastest because they are highly reinforced by the Universal Machine through the mediation of their Daemon Guide who stands in the quantum threshold of manifestation and accelerates into experience, or blocks events, that the Daemon judges "helpful" or "didactic". There are days when, according to your cognitive needs, he/she will "get out of your way" and luck will seem to abandon you in a period where "all Hell breaks loose". When the Daemon stops helping to stop the natural entropy (because you won't ask for help or you won't listen to good advice given) all Hell really does break loose. Entropy is real but it can be easily stopped--even turned to your uses.

(NOTE: The Daemon knows you cannot die and so his/her idea of what is "helpful" is likely to be quite different from your own because the context in which you "judge" such experiences does not adequately account for the workings and intricacies of "The Way (Tao) the Universal Machine Works"--which is what the Daemon Guide tries to teach you--by trial and error (so it seems to us) when we are not listening or not lucid. This is not religion. This is Science--NOT in the sense we generally use the word, for the 'science" of the world too has a constricted frame of contextual reference and so "science" is not asking the right questions so it has little hope of useful "answers" without Daemon Guidance to help Interpret experiences in the ways that make said experiences "growth experiences" or "forward thinking". (The world is plagued with "backwards thinking" because it is mere "reflection" and so it, from the observer's POV, seems the reverse of what it most often is. Just sayin, as a rule of thumb and all. Daddy said, "Believe half of what you see, and NONE of what you HEAR.")

The Daemon exists outside of spacetime in a state my own Daemon calls "Quantum Imminence". He stands in the portal of the Universal Machine and acts to guide, to accelerate into manifestation, experiences that you think you want and may be unconsciously (as well as consciously) creating/summoning with your will/imagination/intention/labeling. You will recognize his presence by the sense of "poised imminence" or "auspicious upheaval"--like the hush as one wave pulls back from the beach and another builds just offshore. His presence is attended by shivers of chi that dazzle across the skin, standing it in gooseflesh, an excited fluttering of wings in the chest, like the anticipation of a yet beloved lover's return, a sweet thrill of uncertain knelling, recollected suddenly from your youth -- indefinable but compelling as in a haunting -- and a slowly growing "uncaused joy" -- like the laughter of birds escaping a cage. ...What more could one want than "This". (<=Rhetorical questions deserve no question marks!)

Your guide is your most ardent lover. The Daemon Guide became your Guide BECAUSE of his/her reliability and devotion. There is NO relationship in your life more important than this one. Now my own guide tells me there are guides which are, strictly speaking, "Angels". Angels differ from Daemon Guides ONLY in that Daemons have sexual identity traits and have had physical/sexually reproductive incarnations, whereas Angels have not had such experiences so they have no such memories/identifications.

Get all that and your own guide will give you all the help you ask for in this world--literally ALL THE HELP YOU *ASK* FOR. As my own contribution, I add my Daemon's own sentiments by way of a song.