THE DAEMON'S VOICE is an ongoing reveal of a thesis of the dynamic and fluid nature of "reality" and our inherent sovereignty over personal subjective experience. We are sovereign iterations of the Ultimate divine. Designed to create liberation from destructive self talk and enhance empowerment and mindful lucid benevolence, THESE CONCEPTS ARE BEST UNDERSTOOD BY SCROLLING TO THE BOTTOM AND READING FROM THERE UP. All entries are copyrighted.

Poetry -- Always Inspired

The Daemon's Law

Life leaves us all so tattered
what is there more to do
than to cherish every shattered tear
and make a shrine
each bruise?
Those wee gold scars but make you shine
the instant you so choose
to call them "just"
and "tribute fair"
to the grail filled with your truth.

Callaghan Grant 2015

Crystal Blue Regard

My heart
had so long been
but a silken thread
of shadow,
Stretched taut
by Time's turning,
A Silenced Note,
this Strop
without Accord.

In Slumber whispered
Your heart to mine
Songs of Silence
Serene Belonging
of Union lost
and hearts unbound,
Shadows Dancing
Souls Entwining.

Now Sings the heart
so tuned by Times,
thrums the Calling
and Passion's wings
lash the air
to stay aloft,
Unquenched and yearning.

Yet in the Dark
no Beacons burn,
so drowns the Spirit
in fluid churning.
Aloft, the Wings
that buoy my heart,
Marooned between
Shadowed Dreams
and Silent Pools
of Crystal Blue Regard.

Callaghan Grant 1995

The Shouting Tree

With roots within my heart dist grow
a Tree that touched the Sky
and planted in it sapphire arch
the Dream that never dies.
There dawning in the afterglow
the Love that filled your Eyes
came raining down
in another world
and fetched me to Your side.

Sad hollow, the Heart of the child
who scaled those boughts
to come to Thee
and shouted to Thee
 from their utter twigs
abandoned misery,
and thereby made she all
she loved
and loathed
by naming, dist she see,
and came, at last, thereby to Know
We make Our Own Reality.

Callaghan Grant 2016

For Rob

One can only speak,
to and from,
an open heart.
In this, is Intimacy
the body can neither create,
nor hope savor.
The heart knows
what mind,
nor arms,
could ever hold.
And Silence roars
what words
could never hope
to whisper.

Callaghan Grant 7/17/17

For Liam

Be who you are:
The One
you secret
Live with valor
what you feel.
Release the love
you hide.
The dream we live in
suffers fools
who dare throw
their heart's doors
open wide.
Love's gate keeper
be Thou not.
Nor your own
True Self

Fear not Thou
tiny horrors:
Nor boast
of what Time
steals away:
But live
your life
in tribute fair:
Angelic Grail of Light.
The heroic gaze
of Love's champion
Will never be

Callaghan Grant 11/04/2013


I come from everywhere
and vanish nowhere.
For each whom doth upon “me” gaze
sees only their reflection.
Knowing Self as
essence of both Grail
and that which fills it,
I am free
and yet trapped
within this realm:
A traveler, marooned
until I rend again the veils
that only seem to strand
and only appear to stand:
Scant barriers
“you” pretend to use
to keep your “self” apart
from all of which you are a part
and The One who loves you

Callaghan Grant
June 26, 2013
Passion Flowers
Passion flowers
trembling neath
sighing breeze,
caressed by
moon’s silver fingers,
in the arms
of a dream,
her heart thunders.
She breaths
the stillness,
her bold Beloved.
Hears His voice:
the hush
the waves,
His approach
as wings
in the night.
Feels His touch:
A thousand
slivers of delight;
His kiss
dazzling as topaz.


Callaghan Grant

For Michael

Within shadowed reaches of my soul you move:
Essence of my being, Blood of my vigor.
Softly compelling, a whisper, your voice.
I listen so intently.
Setting my feet into motion,
following again and again
your whispered promises
out into the night,
for your sweet visage,
Wondering where I lost you.
Summoning sensation:
Your warm embrace,
the mist of your Whispered welcome;
caressing as it falls upon my cheek,
I make of myself just another Shadow
in this World that We might Touch
and I Pray that you do not Suffer this Separation, as have I.
I would that my Love be spared this tortured longing.

Callaghan Grant 1995
"Dauntless," I've heard it said of me
by those who badger with all the same cautions
I hear you whispering in my ear.
But what have I to fear, my love ~
that I might die?
I wither
for the want of you even now,
and when I lay down each night to rest
I have but one unfailing prayer:
Let me die to this dream world where we are apart,
and awaken in any world where I am in your arms.

Callaghan Grant 1995
What I Miss
His eyes,
when they catch
my gaze,
ever present
upon him;
The love
in his voice
when he laughs
at my ongoing
to make him
happiness has,
at last,
found him;
The feeling
of his heart
in my own chest
as we hold each other
even in rest;
His hands
in my hair;
The scent of him
on the sheets,
from the hamper,
The sound
of my name
upon his lips;
His chest
against my back,
legs tangled 
with mine,
while we sleep,
or at least
I try—
too enamoured
to miss
a single
blessed moment
of gazing
upon his sweet visage,
or the chance
to steal

Callaghan Grant May 2, 2013
Tomorrow is a promise
like so many I have heard.
Promises are easily broken
for they are only words.
Yesterday has vanished.
Tomorrow never comes.
I can't live my life
for memories
or waiting
on the dawn.

You ask "What of tomorrow?"
and Love you've got to know
that I would to never leave you
because I love you so.
But there've been so many others
who swore their undying need;
so I don't count upon your love.
Sure as I do, you'll leave.

"Tomorrow... Tomorrow,"
so many people say, "I'll love you still tomorrow,"
then forget to love today.
But "Tomorrow, tomorrow..."
is but a promise,
cold and gray,
for all we have is memories
and the time we share today.
Callaghan Grant 1989
As Constant as The Sun
Some people come into our lives
their soul effect is that they help us to realize
how transient so many things can be.
But, Darlin' that's not true of you and me.

Sometimes I look into your eyes
and marvel at the crossroads in our lives.
What makes a fool upon up their eyes to see
what matters most is love and the will to be?

For people come and they will go~
Like shooting stars and you'll never know
why they're leavin' or
what made them come.
But you touch my soul
as constant as the sun.

Master Time can make or break so many things
and the shifting sands of fate might take you away from me.
But as the dove has one true love until she dies,
I'll always love you, Honey,
no matter where you fly.

Oh pain has been no stranger to you to me,
and if change and pain mean growth then let them be.
So let us fight and strain while we share what life may bring~
As long as you love me, Honey, it can't bother me.

For times will come and they will go
like shooting stars~leavin' only after glow.
But from the very beginning I've known you were The One.
Oh you touch my soul
as constant as the sun.

Callaghan Grant 1984

The Sun Will Never Shine Again
The Sun Will Never Shine Again
nor thunder will the sea.
No moonlit summer skies ahead.
There'll be no nights of ecstasy.

Tomorrow's only promise now
is barren emptiness.
The dazzling world
I once saw through raptured eyes
has fallen cold and colorless.

I remember laughter with you.
Your silhouette against the sunset captured me.
The dazzling autumn days held no glory next to you,
the starlit sky no majesty.
My very life began with you.

Now that you're gone
there's nothing left to do but cry.
Two lovers torn apart
though love will never die.
and since you've gone away
I know the sun will never shine
for me.

The sun will never shine again...
Callaghan Grant 1987
No Pockets in My Garments
With no pockets in my garments
I am bound to leave this world.
I'm going to the Kingdom
where I'm the Kings wayward girl.
We've had a strong thing goin' on now
for a real long time.
Once and accountant to that Fiddler,
I am become His laughing Bride.

Well, I won't be goin' without you
because you know that ain't the way.
The King doth wait eternally
for all who've gone astray.
He's a real mensch like no other:
His patience has no end.
He will lift you up on Eagle's wings;
Your broken heart He'll surely mend.

Now we're all goin' to the Kingdom.
Our only choice in this is "When".
You can choose to hate
and languish,
or you will the world befriend.
For the Kings so loves His children
that He'll never turn away,
and when you come into the Kingdom
your comin' home to your own
wedding day.

Don't need no pockets in my garments,
Love is all that with me flies.
It's only Real if its Eternal,
so Love is all I leave behind.
They can't tax it.
They can't steal it.
It doth not rot nor oxidize.
The more you give it,
the more you have it.
Love is the treasure of The Wise.

Yeah, we're all goin' to the Kingdom.
Our only choice in this is "When".
You can choose to hate
and languish,
or you will the world befriend.
For the Kings so loves His children
that He'll never turn away,
and when you come into the Kingdom
your comin' home to your own
wedding day.

Callaghan Grant 2010
King Fisher

She’d long mastered baiting--
knew well how to gauge
all that lay hidden
from the surficial stage.
With each phase of the foray,
and each line that she dropped
she plumbed depth and character:
currents below and aloft.
So she cast out down current
with just the right weight
a lure that would dazzle~
in sunlight titillate:
attracting pelagics
to the predator’s fate.
Then she wove nets of metaphor
and laid them out straight
as if she meant nothing by them
lest she make wary the prey.
Fine and taut she did stretch them
that they’d go unseen
well upsea of the reef
where she, fisher queen,
chose a pole, thick and mighty
and plumbed the benthos for her King.

Callaghan Grant June 1, 2013

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