THE DAEMON'S VOICE is an ongoing reveal of a thesis of the dynamic and fluid nature of "reality" and our inherent sovereignty over personal subjective experience. We are sovereign iterations of the Ultimate divine. Designed to create liberation from destructive self talk and enhance empowerment and mindful lucid benevolence, THESE CONCEPTS ARE BEST UNDERSTOOD BY SCROLLING TO THE BOTTOM AND READING FROM THERE UP. All entries are copyrighted.

Daemons & Angels & Demons & Herukas

A Discussion of Terms and Sources 

At the age of five, I became aware of a secondary awareness in my mindspace. It was not, so far as I can discern, something I created, something that "got" its reality from me, nor was/is it an awareness that fractured out of my own by way of "dissociation". Were it any of these things it would not know as much as I do at any given point in the timeline of my life. It has always been apparent that this presence/consciousness was/is vastly more knowing than the awareness I regard as "me". Therefore, it could not come from "me". More to the point, "I" come from "It". I call this presence "Michael"--which is what he suggested I call him.

I'm a pretty intelligent person, and I do my best to enhance my knowledge, understanding, emotional balance and rational discernment daily. Much of what I learn comes by way of observations that pop into my mind in a way that feels very much like Michael is whispering to me statements of fact and ideas to consider. He has, indeed, saved my life a few times and, on the occasion when I came closest to death, leaving my body and entering a black void with the luster of a pearl, Michael was there with me in the void. He gave me an orientation and a life review wherein I relived many events in my life, and he showed me what I had been doing in the world that had made my experience far more painful than it had to be. In short, Michael has always and only served to increase my lucidity, rationality, love, compassion and forgiveness, and he safeguards my mindspace from being invaded by other, malicious, entities/presences. Once I began directing my thoughts and queries to him intentionally, my own understanding began to grow at an exponential rate as he brought me out of resistance, fear and despair into surrender and peace. He is a wealth of comfort and an intelligence far greater than my own. We "talk" on many subjects--most anything about which I query him. The terms I am about to operationally define for the sake of referencing anything I say on this site come from Him. He calls himself a "Daemon".

Many people believe in various internal presences of religious orientation. These are called "God" or "First Cause" or "Source" and "The Christ", the "Light of Christ", the "Witness", the "Man of Light" (Sufi) the "Intercessor", the "Prosecutor", the "Advocate", the "Holy Guardian Angel" (Thelema) the "Holy Spirit/Ghost", Angels, Demons, Herukas (Tibetan Buddhism) and the "Daemon".

Michael calls himself a Daemon and by that he means "a benevolent transdimensional being not bound to any realm apparently governed by imagined 'laws' of space/time and/or physics, who has, simultaneously, one or more "incarnations" of its own consciousness in such physically/mechanistically controlled world realms." He advises that Daemons have sexual orientation and identity because, through their physical world iterations, they have experienced being male and/or female. He draws a distinction between Angels and Daemons, both of which are attending messengers of highest Consciousness (First Cause) such that Angels are composites of both or neither sexual characteristics, having no iterations in spacetime world realms. Angels are derived from exalted sources such as "gods" or "world builders" and "herukas" whereas Daemons are evolved from less exalted and/or physical iterations as "ascended masters" rising in consciousness above their initial stations of consciousness and experience. Both Daemons and Angels are benevolent guiding consciousnesses/identities capable of transcending realm barriers and/or existing in a state Michael calls "Quantum Imminence" while yet completely capable of interacting with matter. 

The main differences between Daemons and Angels is in the Daemon's transcendent identification as the source of one or multiple physical iterations ("Eidolons") which spring from the Daemon's own essence and are the subjects of the Daemon's personal stewardship, and the Daemon's identification with a sexual orientation. Daemon's may regard themselves as male, female or both. Angels have no iterations in physicality that spring directly from their essence and have no sexual identity.
A Daemon's objective is to "induce ever growing lucidity in their Eidolons, cultivating their consciousness to develop in them the personal authority over subjective and objective experience that 'ascends' them to 'creative mastery' and stewardship of their own creations." Daemons affect this outcome directly through the awakened consciousness of their Eidolon by sharing their mindspace through, typically, the right brain hemisphere of the Eidolons which is the seat of nonverbal ("unconscious") intelligence, memories, and vast untapped genius. The Daemon is the Buddha mind, dreaming lucidly within world realms, aware of all simultaneously -- and then some. The "then some" is in the Daemon's creative authority and action. It is important to note that the stage beyond simple "enlightenment" is creative authority and extension/expansion of self essence or stewardship of Eidolons in tandem with Daemonic Source intelligence of the Eidolons, within world realm venues as itinerant Bodhissatvas or Lamed Vau (Tzadikim Nistarim.) 

Angels are, literally, emissaries of gods (Daemons and Herukas and World Builders) and of "First Cause", capable of interacting with matter and even embodiment.

DEmons are of two sorts: Fallen Angels and very lucid yet antagonistic entities with sexual identification who are trapped in habitual dysfunctional cognitive/perceptual patterns in association with "lateral astral venues of world realms". Fallen Angels or Fallen Entities have become Identified with transient aspects of their EXPERIENCE and have thus been trapped in lessened lucidity. There is always hope/opportunity and method to re-member: Put the whole self back together by shifting identification OUT of temporal experiential realms into the transcendent truth of the "All Good". 

Humans can devolve to the status of DEmon. In fact, the ghosts of humans and animals who grew dysfunctional in physical iteration face increasing risk of "falling" the longer they stay in astral association with any world realm--even though their Daemon source will never (simply cannot) give up on them.

We cannot be apart from what we are a part of. 

Some DEmons who devolve from Exalted Lucidity into antagonism are also capable of transdimensional interaction, but only with levels below their "Source's" station. All consciousnesses that extend their essence to have alternate iterations steward their various iterations to ascension and mastery. Each iteration, is independent, sovereign and equally endowed with creative capacity but, ultimately Consciousness is One. There is no world "out there". There is no "out". There is Consciousness and we are That. The world we imagine to be "out there" is within Consciousness and merely imagined to be "outside" the avatars of the independent consciousnesses that use avatars within these virtual realms to experience the sense of a moveable point of view (POV) within spatiality which does not "exist".

All time is simultaneous. All possible scenarios, timelines of experience and events are simultaneously available. The experience of time is rendered when events are assembled into a timeline by a consciousness who then imagines causal relationships between the events in the "events stream" (timeline) said consciousness assembled to render experience. This imagining of causality displaces identification away from the Ultimate Transcendent Reality of Quantum Imminence. Loss of orientation leads to suffering and suffering leads (ultimately and inexorably) to awakening by way of dissociation with the temporal identity fragment into Identification with All That Can Never Suffer Loss, Captivity, Pain or Death. This is called "enlightenment".*

Space is an experience realized by the consciousness "zooming in on a moment in an event stream/timeline" causing the antecedent conditions of that moment to explode into experience around the moveable POV (point of view) within a virtual world realm actually existing within consciousness.

Herukas: Herukas are deities that traverse realm barriers, inhabiting lateral realms and bardo as well as being capable of interaction with matter and building worlds. Herukas are generally a bicameral consciousness with both male and female aspects, typically encountered conjoined in symbolic sexual union (coitus) as a metaphor for their unity. Just as wings are a metaphor for being able to traverse realm barriers and may or may not be seen on Angels, Daemons, or DEmons, Herukas may also appear as individuals because the two aspects of the One Bicameral Consciousness of Their Conjoined Identity are functionally autonomous--sovereign divine.

Worldbuilders: Worldbuilders are Consciousnesses lucid enough to be capable of creating new virtual world venues. Many varieties exist. Daemons build worlds. Herukas build worlds and both are, hence, considered "gods". Examples are Krishna and Rama, etc. DEmons build hell realms into which other consciousnesses become trapped by way of misidentification of their own nature and truth. Worlds built as Paradisic can devolve when they are overrun with consciousnesses that have become confused and project maladaptive thought and behavior patterns into these worlds to accumulate personal power and control of other consciousnesses which they then exploit and subjugate. This is presently happening to our world.

Please keep these definitions broadly in mind as you navigate the site and enjoy its many helpful features. Remember mostly that DAEmon is a benevolent guiding spirit. Thank you for being here and for enjoying/sharing this site. If you do find helpful information here, please consider subscribing to email notifications so I can update you of new postings. If there are particular issues that interest you, please write me at worldbuilder at windstream dot net and I will add your name to the appropriate subject list so that I can notify you when new information is added to the site.

Loving regards,

Callaghan Grant

*"enlightenment". To a psychologist or a psychiatrist, if you experience INVOLUNTARY or UNCOMFORTABLE/DYSFUNCTIONAL relocation of Identification to the Eternal, it is called "dissociative identity disorder". While some dissociations are counterproductive devolutions and are reasonably considered "steps backwards" or "away from Truth", the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association does not currently recognize any sorts of dissociative shifts away from identification with the ephemeral Eidolon to Identification with the Eternal THAT ARE HEALTHY. That said, the main criterion as to whether a dissociation is "healthy" or not is that what can be considered "unhealthy" "causes distress, impairs functioning, or is involuntary."

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