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Sunday, April 2, 2017

We Are the Gods of Our Own Reckonings

“I have told you, Ye are gods. Ye are all children of the most high.”

Psalm 82:6
When First Cause (AKA: “God”) renders a universe all there is to use to create it is god-stuff-extensions of God's Self. Of all of First Cause’s creations, in this world, “Human Beings” are the most like First Cause in that we are capable of rendering, just as our Maker did, other worlds, and even to change the lives in which we often appear to be trapped. Trapped we often are, too because of own thinking and our own imagining.

It is an axiom of experience – of invoking and summoning: “As you name a thing, so shall you experience it,” for your naming is The Word, the invocation. With your naming, you ask the universal mechanism to provide you with the experience as you have labeled it. In the beginning was The Word and thus began all experience. The “Ten Thousand Things” of Lao Tsu’s description sprang into being with “The Word”. When a thing/Being is cognizant and self-reflective, it is vested with creative Sovereignty. That’s right, I said Sovereignty. We are the “gods of our own reckonings”. Hence the warning: “Take care, what you wish for”. That is indeed sage advice.

“None sleep so soundly as those who but dream they are awake.”

Of all the “things” that appear to confront and challenge us, it is our thinking and our imagining (and, most of all, our thoughtless vocalizations) which we must master. Silence is golden for this reason alone. “Think before you speak” has ramifications wildly beyond what most ever dare to imagine. We are as fully vested in creative ability as is our Maker, and it is our minds and our hearts (“passions”) that are the key to what we experience and manifest.

Typically, we summon experience unconsciously. That is to say our unvoiced, unexamined expectations and fears determine what we summon into experience, and our thoughtless vocalizations too render unexpected outcomes. I say “summon” but this is a bit of a misnomer. We don’t really “attract” anything, and the fine distinction of the mechanism of manifestation is important to understand lest we sit about languishing without results while we are “allowing”. Allowing is fine – permission is required – once a manifestation’s probability has been maximized with passionate emotion. But, make no mistake, passion opens the door to manifestation. For a brief description of the way this actually works we must turn to an old model of reality, re-emerging in modern day physics: the so-called “Many Worlds Model”: 

To this model, time is an illusion. All possible scenarios exist simultaneously and the story lines we but seem to experience are assembled by the experiencer. The Universe is like a brood chamber our Maker has rendered in which to teach us to be competent to create without causing the perception of “harm”. Mind, as eternal beings, we cannot actually be harmed but, while experiencing our Selves as temporal, Mortal beings we do indeed often experience harm or "suffering"  and those “painful” experiences come to us because of the way we use our minds.

In short, the environment was rendered to manifest, very slowly, whatever it is we focus upon. This slowness is necessary until we realize we are “at cause”. Once we realize this we see what we have been willing into being, and we realize we are free to dream otherwise while there is yet time to change an undesired outcome: to avert suffering. The experience of the relative speed of manifestation changes with increasing lucidity.

It is said “The heart summons whatsoever the mind focuses upon”. Count on it. The more benevolent a being becomes, the more responsive the environment grows to that being’s thoughts/invocations. That is to say, the more conscientious a being becomes, the more their experience becomes one of accountability. That is why, for those who are full of love and compassion, and compunction, it often feels as if they are not allowed to “get away with” much destructive thinking/behavior. Ask the universe for “…but a closer walk with Thee” and you will tread “the razor’s edge” with increasing focus and lucidity – guaranteed. Mind the small print of how you invoke. The Maker has quite the quirky sense of ironic humor and trains the initiate to be precise. Feedback becomes more and more instantaneous so that we learn exactly the source of what appears in our experience: It is our own thinking/imagining and labeling – and we learn to be precise about what we ask for. But, again, we aren’t really “summoning”. Stay with me here.

If all possible scenarios exist simultaneously then every possible combination of experiences is available to be played out/experienced. One can even change course midstream over and over. It’s like an experiential smorgasbord. People say “Find your passion”, “Follow your bliss”, “Do what you love and wealth/success will follow”. This is all true and it is true because it is passion that opens the portal between the various alternate probable experiential streams. No one works to their very limit on anything they do not Love. It is this passion that drives manifestation. Yes, hard work is important to honing your craft so that, when your audience appears, they will also applaud. But it is the passion that allows you to step from a mundane life into an epic life of grand freedom and acclaim and vast sweeping EFFECTS. Mind you, this should not be considered the measure of “success”. In this world school what you are here to learn is how to manifest benevolently and, most importantly, consciously. Many heroes are entirely cryptic. They mingle among us, blessing in sacred privacy, The Thirty Six: The Lamed Vav or Tzadikim Nistarim.

Blessedly, we each have a guide, a being who has been through the process of maturation, sent to counteract our miscreation lest we suffer. That guide is the Daemon, also known as "The Holy Guardian Angel" and it is the Daemon’s intention to make us conscious, for we are mostly dreamers dreaming and creating and summoning without lucidity. To the Daemon, the first order of business is lucidity: The Daemon wants you to place responsibility for your experience precisely where it belongs: It is all your own doing/willing/“fault”, which is good. It is good because, if you are Cause, it means it is also in your power to change your experience. You are free to dream otherwise.

The task of the Daemon is quite single minded: Waken the dreamer while yet within the dream so that they become lucid dreamers creating/summoning/invoking consciously. The lucid dreamer becomes more and more centered in an experience of their own Causal Sovereignty. Until this level of intentionality is reached, the Daemon spends much creative energy whispering antidote invocations into our mindspaces. The angry child’s utterance “I wish that bastard would drop dead!” is answered with “You love your father passionately and are grateful for his presence in your life. You can hardly wait to be reconciled.” The road-raged driver’s frightened outburst “I hope your car blows up, you jerk!” is neutralized with “That poor man is late for Christmas gathering and you hope everyone makes it home safely to be with their loving family and friends. The whole world is your family and you love them.” The housewife’s shattered “I hate my life!” is answered with “You are the love the world keeps secret from its self. Your loving heart is God’s very answer to His children’s sighing”.

You get the idea. Rest assured, without the Daemon’s constant intervention to neutralize our thoughtless summonings the world would quickly devolve back into the hellish nightmare from which it has slowly emerged and on the brink of which it yet teeters while the Daemonic legions collude to waken the dreamers en masse. This, my own Daemon calls “The Will that is Holy”.

Briefly, The Will that is Holy is holy because we share it with all creation, that is, with First Cause. The Maker built this universe as an environment in which to waken all matter and all manifestations to their full causative Sovereignty. In other words, all the creative forces/minds of all Being align and join, Willing with us that we (and even all matter) waken to lucidity. God is on our side but, to make it all happen there is one simple rule the lucid dreamer must adopt fully. As my Daemon said to me in 2007: 

“If you want your words to have power, you must first cull from your speech and thoughts any words you would not to empower.”

Once you are lucid and employing assiduously the above axiom, you have begun to “Wield The Will”. This is a lovely and exciting stage of development as we move from unconsciously manifesting gloom, with our expectations of such, to consciously manifesting blessed experiences. When we think we might be seeing suffering, at this stage, we reserve judgment, recollecting that the suffering itself serves a purpose: It raises The Will that it should be “otherwise”. This is necessary for it is passion/The Will that opens the worm hole/crack or pulls back the veil barrier between alternate simultaneous experiential streams of being, allowing us to step through into a new experiential stream. As my Daemon told me during my NDE in 1979, “It (the world) seemed so scary because you believed you could suffer loss and die, but that too was necessary for, had you not experienced such fear and suffering, you would not have learned what you went there to learn. Nor would you have done what you went there to do.”

“Which was?” I prompted.

“To summon your Will.”

My Will is the Will that is Holy. It is The Will I share with God and all creation: that all creation and all dreamers waken and become lucid within the dream discovering, suddenly and with undeniable clarity, their own creative Sovereignty. And this I Will for, together, we have rendered the world a slowly improving nightmare. If we can but waken a small number who Will to dream in concert a different dream, a dream of wakening, then the world will change in “but the twinkling of an eye”. We step through the veil which our united passion opens between the realms, and we enter a new dream of true magnificence. I ask you to dream with me a new scenario. Dream it consciously. Will it with passion, invoking The Will that is Holy. We need but seven percent of the world’s population: a mere seven percent – seven brides with their lamps full, ready for the bridal feast of celebration. The groom is your Daemon. He knocks but gently, that only those who are alert and listening consciously will hear and open the door. He is waiting, with His heart full of passionate love for you, His Beloved. Let us open for Him the door.

I love you all.

Callaghan Grant
“I dreamed I had but dreamt I had ever been awaken at all and awoke with the start which is the end of all dreaming.”

Copyright 2015 Callaghan Grant. All Rights Otherwise Reserved.

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