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Monday, January 8, 2018

Quantum Imminence, The Last Moment and Lucidity Quotient for Dummies

I died in 1978 at the age of 20 in a freak accident with horses. I watched the accident unfold because I’d left my body’s perspective straight away. Time slipped into slow motion. There was an inner exchange about what was happening as a Presence that has watched over me all my life warned me, He’s kicking.
So what,
I replied. He can’t get me up here.

Dead wrong, I was. I felt a rolling sensation to my left and then I was about 150 feet away at the edge of the paddock watching as the hands holding reins went slack, head snapping back, and the mare I had been astride ran right out from under the body that had been mine. I watched it happen, impassively, as a series of quickly clicking still shots—and the body hit the ground, head first, with a truly dispiriting thud. Suddenly, I was in a richly black void which had a sheen or luster—like a black pearl—and I was Perfect. I remarked as such too, saying “Perfect. I am perfect. Nothing can ever hurt me again.”
Instantly, he was there (the Presence) and I knew he’d never left me, ever. After a “life review” during which I actually relived vignettes of my life, seeming to descend into the dream of the world and then ascend to the void, remembering both venues at once (the temporal and the void) and so lucid, I determined to return to the world.
Now, going through this revelatory experience was transformational but it was in no wise “religious”. No, it was, and has remained, an ongoing relationship of guidance and source of creativity, but it is always about “How the Consciously Self-Evolving Machine of this Universe works”. A significant aspect of this is that “…there exists in a non-temporospatial “realm” which the guide (the Presence) persists and, from which, he exerts influence and gives guidance to maximize your earth experience to your good.” He calls this state “Quantum Imminence” (QI) and suggests, “…it is the constantly present Instant of Manifestation, the reason for the sense of ‘Poised Immanence’. It is eternally, constantly, accessible and immAnent within every instant of every incarnation’s experience.”
Recently, he suggests the guide modulates the “…Manifestation Rate of the incarnations willings, keeping the manifestation rate low when the incarnation is frightened or angry and not thinking clearly, and accelerating into ‘realization’ the helpful and productive aspirations of the incarnations as a form of reinforcement. This remains necessarily a trial and error learning situation until humanity becomes entirely willing to accept guidance and lucid enough to realize guidance is ever present in the state of QI.”
From my perspective which straddles venue experiences quite clearly in memory, it’s not magic. It looks like magic from inside the venue but it’s Science after a perspective-broadening paradigm shift. Science is a procedure of asking questions, making observations, experimenting and creating predictive models—but you cannot get answers that are meaningful to the boardening context (as in the shift from temporospatial to the QI state) until you ask the questions that address the broader context. This is a perceptual quantum leap as well. We are asking the wrong questions. As Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." I suggest “perspective” or “context” as better descriptors than “level of consciousness” while taking nothing away from the expression’s verity.
Another thing he suggests might interest you: He suggests that, from the void, all possible event cascades are simultaneously available and all data for each event stream simulation is stored holographically within every instant of the event streams. To get back into the dream of the world (event stream) I had left, he advised, “…If you want to remember this experience, you must return through ‘The Last Moment’. The Last Moment is the instant at which the event cascade’s venue was exited. It defines, location in time and space and the specific cascade of events that led to the NDE in the QI state. You have already descended into the temporal several times when we reviewed your life. You can re-enter the time-event stream anywhere. You can go back in the instant before the accident that ended in this experience and so avoid it. In that case you will experience little or no memory of this experience as memory is identification and the memories that cause identification are holographically stored in the venues to which they are relevant. All you will experience in that case is a strong sense of deja vu as you avert the accident. If you want to remember, you must return in your memory and experience, as you did in the life review, to The Last Moment and then summon your will to be there. The scenario will cascade along a thread of continuity most probable based upon the way the Universal Machine works, the way you think, your lucidity quotient and my own intercession.”

All of this has, in the intervening years, seemed evocative in its heuristic implications. Just sayin…


  1. Every time I visit I am astonished… & particularly enjoy your words about the presence and role of guides… Thankyou ∞

  2. Thank you for your kind feedback. It is always lovely to be useful to another. Loving regards...

  3. Hi super interesting - matches a lot of what I've felt and read in some of the more out-there NDEs - question though - does mercy play a role, or is the requirement of mercy an artifact of perceived helplessness? Do you feel currently equipped to navigate your life in the directions you prefer? Has what you prefer changed since the incident?

    1. Thanks for your lovely feedback and questions.

      Mercy is an artifact of perceived unworthiness. It's a confusion of identification. Only the temporal self can appear sullied--and then only from within the dream that so labels them. The meanings are all context dependent. The eternal self forgets what it is in dream venues wherein it loses lucidity--identifying with whatever temporal and vulnerable character they seem to play. The point of all the tumult is the sensory overwhelment it tends to create. The overwhelment keeps us very busy and in a state of constant reaction instead of stillness that births effective proaction. It keeps you in the dream venue and identified with a character in peril. In the inner stillness that always is, no matter what the outer tumult and adversity, there is re-membrance of who you truly Am. Just for a few moments of lucidity you recall that the source of your being springs from a context beyond the present venue where all appears so threatened. All the overwhelming data disappears. Focus tightens and time slows to a crawl as you seem to magically deal with it all with heroic efficacy. You've tapped the wellspring of your being.

      Dying was a protracted revisitation of lucidity that was just like wakening from a dispiriting dream and realizing that nothing could ever have hurt you therein.

      Do I feel equipped to navigate my life? Yes, as much as anyone ever is. It's not like I'm "getting out alive." Our best hope is we get out well enough that we never come back. There is nothing here--no "reason" to come back. Take my advice, if you find yourself dead and reviewing, walk away laughing and build a better world of your own.

      What I prize has changed because perspective and context of my evaluations have broadened and what I call "Real" and "possible" have become much more subtle.

    2. Hi - sorry it's taken me so long to send this thanks - I didn't really expect for you to reply - how great that you did - thank you!

      I think for me is the moment, which I've actually experienced, in which I consider whether or not, if I were the creator of all things, whether or not I would erase everything in order for the worst suffering to never have occurred. When I considered this I "felt" a kind of answer - that this decision would take away the whole of experience from those who have suffered to an extent which seems unbearable - unbearable to even consider. Mercy in this case felt like getting a pass on choosing to undo everything to spare some other being pain.

      I didn't realize that this is I think what I meant by mercy until typing this, and I realize that it continues to play out in my life to the extent that I find myself backing myself into corners and suddenly realizing that I don't need to.

      I think I read in your answer that mercy perhaps isn't a necessary construct because nothing in fact is "wrong" or dangerous one we're at our own center - is that more or less correct? Can I ask what is that which you enjoy in life after your experience prior to before, and why very precisely - that is if it's possible to express?

      Thank you again for your generosity - it IS that - it takes ENERGY to reply! For what it's worth you "feel" extraordinarily kind and it feels also almost beyond what's likely that this kind of sensibility can get tumbled as hard as it also sounds as if you have and to then spring up and walk. I am in awe, and admiration.

    3. Further question - what do you feel ARE the right questions?

  4. Thank you so much for the questions and the very kind words.

    I have been through a lot of very hard setbacks and what most would call abuse. A large part of the abuse I went through I seem to have endured for the sake of compassion or mercy. Mercy in the way of extending aid or standing in the way of damage another might endure, or withholding a rebuff deserved, happens when a being who is at that juncture stronger, intercedes to protect the other. Such a gesture comes out of compassion.

    Compassion is what divine love feels like. Divine love knows you/we think the situations we are in are real and pose real danger to us, and so Compassion comes to stop the suffering. The best way to do this is to lift the "suffering" to a new level of perception in which everything is reconciled--so the suffering soul can see that there was nothing to be saved from to begin with. The result is insight that shifts the soul's identification--and laughter. It's exactly like wakening from a dispiriting dream.

    Consider a child who sees a snake in the tree just above his/her head and screams and is petrified with fear. Compassion arrives to show the child that it isn't a snake, but a siphon hose thrown over a limb. The child laughs. There was never any danger of real harm. Mercy and compassion only have relevance at all within a venue in which the beings believe they are in peril or are otherwise suffering.

    Consider nightmares. They can be very scary until you become lucid (remember that you are only dreaming) or you waken entirely. The shift in perspective is something we've all experienced: Wakening from a bad dream causes us to change contexts of identification--where we think ourselves to be. We are awake and no longer oriented to that scary dream, and we know our reality springs from a context of which the dream is a tiny subset--so nothing in the dream can ever hurt us really. We can always retreat to our greater context. We can wake up within the dream of the world. Mercy and compassion only apply when we are confused about what we are: We believe we are mortal, can suffer loss and die. We need a compassionate being to mercifully intercede to show us where our perceptions are confused and causing us to suffer. (See Part 2)

  5. Part 2:

    It's not a matter of being centered, although that helps. But one who is still self identified as a suffering mortal in constant peril can get centered and still suffer, still believe they need mercy. Mercy that doesn't invoke a shift in perception and self identification has done no work because it's had no real and permanent effects. The child still thinks the hose is a snake. Effective mercy delivers the one having a bad dream entirely from the delusion that danger even exists within the venue of the dream. They stay in the dream but nothing scares them anymore. They are lucid. They know that, when this body dies, they do not. That's what happened to me. I woke up (became lucid) in my sleeping dreams, and then I had the NDE and so realized what we are. Then I went back into the dream of the world. I then had to be wakened (made lucid by way a merciful reorientation) a few times before it stuck and I stayed lucid.

    When I learned to lucid dream, it was by way of my guide planting a suggestion in my mind that whenever I felt adrenaline hit my body in a bad dream, I would realize I was just dreaming. It worked. Anything scary made me lucid. Then, in 2007 when I was really "in suffering" (meaning I was entirely identified as a suffering being) he reminded me of how he taught me to wake up in my dreams. He reminded me of the NDE and of many times I have shifted into lucidity so all my suffering fell away with the illusion that I was a poor mortal being in a state of constant need and peril. Then he said, "Any time you suffer or fear, you have lost your lucidity in the dream of the world. Use all suffering to make you lucid once again."

    Now, every time I suffer, SNAP! "Whoa. Bad dream. Thanks for waking me, Michael." (My guide's name is Michael.)

    So, don't back yourself into uncomfortable corners to be merciful to another. That won't work unless you reorient them completely and that's not usually possible. Instead, when you feel that discomfort, use it to wake up within the dream of the world. Focus your attention on that discomfort and it turns into energy fueling the brightness of your consciousness, and soon, none of the countless dream worlds can confuse you. You have your metaphorical wings. You can enter dream realms without becoming identified with an ephemeral character you might play in them. It's a little like having the cheat codes in a video game.

    What do I enjoy most now? Helping people and worldbuilding. I write fiction, as it's called--and nothing this side of eternity has ever been so enjoyable as imagining other worlds into being as real as this one feels to me.

    Lastly, to find some of the right questions, analyze your foundational assumptions about reality. You think there's a world "out there" beyond your eyes. There is no world out there. There is no "out". There is Consciousness--an infinite singularity of "Now-Here" that is NoWHERE. The right questions lead us out of the illusion that we are trapped in a hell world of suffering. All madness and all beauty and grace are ours to bestow at any second by using the nightmare to waken us from our mistaken identifications. Once that happens, we are glad we had the experiences in the bad dream. It's all redeemed by what we learned and the strength we took from it--and so we bless it all and are grateful. THAT is some really effective Mercy.

    Thank you for allowing me to be useful. Don't be in awe of me. I am just like you, but I learned early to hear my guide. You have a guide too. Learn to hear and you suffer much less, for not as long, and to great effect. "Them that cannot hear have to feel," as Michael says. My love is upon you, Thucotash.

  6. Beautiful - am going to save this and roll it around like a stone in my metaphorical mouth - your closing is so lovely it's probably churlish of me to keep prodding the wine skin but I'm too provoked by what you say here: "imagining other worlds into being as real as this one feels to me".

    And I'll mention somewhat parenthetically that one thing that's long somewhat given me the willies about NDE accounts are those which seem untethered to senses - I am not at this point able to imagine joy without invoking a sense-response, perhaps because all misery also seems rooted in the same? Or perhaps because delight seems so acutely tied to sense response? I understand intellectually that joy is not in the perceptual response but in the feeling provoked or engendered by the response, "wetness", "dryness" and "warmth" don't universally provoke the same emotional responses in all people, let alone all beings, HOWEVER...

    I'm completely fascinated by the notion that you might be able to conjure EXPERIENCES for yourself as real as those you have here - is that the case? Can you put yourselves into states in which you are able to tangibly experience and interact with other worlds?

    I'll further add that I absolutely get little whispers - mine are not personified, or audible and I have a kind of attraction/repulsion towards the notion of personification, that is that on the one hand I'd be absolutely thrilled to see an actual guide, but on the other hand I'm repulsed by the placing of limitations of form. I DO physically see a blue light which I've actually seen reflected in surfaces but which feels a bit like neurological overlay, but which has also certain "behaviors" such as pooling and haloing - the feeling I get when I see it is mostly relief that it hasn't "gone away" but I would welcome more instances in which I could see it, again, mirrored in a tangible surface - that I could experience more interpenetration of this lovely apparent emissary and the surly bonds of ordinary perception.

  7. Sorry - hadn't seen part 1 this, the following, is as extraordinary a statement I think I've ever read and I've been nosing this stuff like a terrier after a rabbit for most of my 58 years. I GET it. "Wakening from a bad dream causes us to change contexts of identification--where we think ourselves to be. We are awake and no longer oriented to that scary dream, and we know our reality springs from a context of which the dream is a tiny subset--so nothing in the dream can ever hurt us really. We can always retreat to our greater context. We can wake up within the dream of the world. Mercy and compassion only apply when we are confused about what we are: We believe we are mortal, can suffer loss and die."

  8. PART 1

    Hi Thucotash, in case you want to find me elsewhere, you can find me on Facebook here:

    I hope you don't mind me asking how it was that you found my page. I don't exactly flog it after all.

    I can tell you get the wakening analogy--and that's very good because dying is just that sort of reorientation. The trick is staying in re-membrance of what you are, if you choose to return to the dream of the world we call "life". Don't be afraid of dying. It's a re-orientation. I'm pretty sure I have recounted my NDE somewhere here but I'll retell a little of it to answer your question.

    People say your life passes before your eyes. Well, that's not really what happened to me. I witnessed my body from outside of it and then I was suddenly in a lustrous void and I was perfect. I felt fantastic. So sublime did I feel that I said to myself "I'm perfect. Nothing can ever hurt me again." (Sad that my first thought after leaving the world was "Oh, good. No more pain.")

    Then I "heard" someone say "Nothing could have ever hurt you anyway. You're an eternal being."

    At this point, I recognized him. It was a brief "You. Of course," as I recognized the guide I had set aside as imaginary five years before at the age of 15. And I said, "If that's true, and I can taste the truth of it, then why was it all so scary?"

    "Because you thought you could suffer loss and die. But that was necessary for the experience to be immersive so you would take it seriously and learn what you went to learn so you would do what you went to do."

    "I don't recall why I went there. Can you remind me?"

    "To summon your Will."

    "I went through all of that just to learn what I want?"

    "You misunderstand what I mean by 'Will'. I must show you."

    That conversation is evocative enough but then I was suddenly watching myself laying on the floor as a two years old, screaming in anger and fear because Mom had just put my first pair of shoes on my feet. I felt my mother's emotions and those of the child.

    My guide, whom I call Michael said to me, "See how you suffered. Your Mother gave you shoes to protect your feet--but you MADE it a torment with your judgment."

    Then I relived several vignettes from my life that were also unpleasant. In all of them I witnessed too that my judgement of situations rendered the palette of my experience of the events. My passionate thoughts had summoned from a banquet of available perspectives the bitter grail of my woes.

    Between each vignette, I returned to the void and my guide. Then I lived a vignette of a summer day when I was five. I smelled apple pie and heard the screen door spring whine. The concrete of the carport was cold against my bare feet. "Where are your shoes?" Mama asked me and handed me a piece of the pie on a napkin. I ate it under the porch, watching from shade as bumble bees preened a vine of pink flowers--and I loved the world. In that moment all was right and the colors and sensations were more vibrant than ever I had recalled them being. And then I had the realization that popped me back into the void: My "Will" was--IS--to MINDFULLY summon the experiences I desire. Judgment creates the experience we have, and Will is judgment consciously wielded to manifest an affect.

    You should probably read that again.


  9. Part 2
    Aside from the philosophical nuances, you should note that my sensory apparatus was, if anything, enhanced while I was disembodied. Reality is vast and the body we wear in this world is a reducing valve to keep us tuned and oriented to the specific wavelengths of interaction which we call "the world". Your senses actually filter OUT a huge amount of data to focus you on tiny sample which is finely tuned to make you a resident of the world. The world exists as the cosmos does--as a data metaspace created by teasing a subset out of the available data to render sensory experiences. If you knew what is going on all around you constantly you would pay no attention to this place.

    The point of all of this is we have the power to experience anything we want. I've known this for 42 years and I've been working closely with my guide, in sleeping dreams, when awake, and in waking dreams--and my consciousness has changed over time. Lately, it's reached a new level.

    Normally my awareness is like a dolphin rolling between my inner realm and the objective world. I've a long short term memory and I essentially fall into moments just as I did when I died. (Think about it--half a dozen vignettes relived in a handful of world-time seconds.) So my perception of time, which has always been dicey, is that an instant dilates and in the second of world time I may be "gone" I have intense inner experiences, then I'm back and, because I have a long short term memory, whatever was said to me is still in cache. I carry on the conversation. Rarely does anyone catch on. Mind you, this activity shows up on my EEGs as tiny seizures happening about 18 times per hour. What data bits we measure on this end we interpret to mean things that don't exist, and then those unsubstantial inferences wall in our perceptions. I'm not having seizures. I'm changing channels. I'm "Elsewhere". There is no world out there. There is no "out". There is Consciousness and I fall into a vast ocean of my own inner worlds. The longer I stay there, the more real they become and the less real this world is. All worlds are metaspaces. Reality is One vast field of lustrous love.

    We are godlings. We have the power to use imagination (which grows when exercised) to render inner worlds that are just as immersive as this one. I do it every night in my dreams. There are two things that stand in the way of us Wielding The Will and manifesting. The first is belief ("faith"). You must have faith in your power for only a short time because things will start happening as you Will it, and then you need not faith because you have proof. The other thing standing in the way is our belief we deserve not to be able to access our power because we know ourselves and we're not to be trusted. So, practice imagination and perfect your benevolence.

    Lastly, Michael says to you, "You are looking for your guide with the wrong eyes and listening with the wrong ears."

    You have an inner eye and ear. If you don't know how to access those, let me know but there is an article here on this. I think it's The Daemon's Voice. Have a look around and do let me know how else I can help. Loving regards...

  10. Is there by any chance an email address I could contact you with?

  11. Super - thanks! Just sent you a test message - feel free to take your address down as soon as you get it - or whenever! It'll allow me to elaborate a bit without hijacking your site!

  12. Oh and I sent it with the subject line "thucotash!"

  13. I also had an epiphany which led to a nurturing love towards my abusive parents. I AM the I AM . the dream in which we live is "lucid". Michael is your higher self speaking to you- you love you.


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